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Good Dad, Great Dad! A Guide to Fatherhood | Garima Nag

Man with baby

Father with childFatherhood is a beautiful phase of life that transforms a person into a responsible man. The birth of a baby brings lots of joy coupled with string of responsibilities. Unlike Motherhood, fatherhood is often a less discussed topic. With an increasing number of nuclear families, the involvement of the husband in child rearing is becoming extremely important.

Men sometimes get confused when it comes to taking up paternal responsibilities whereas most women have natural parenting skills. There are many people around to guide and enrich mothers-to-be with their personal experiences. Men have far fewer options. They either turn to friends or colleagues for some insight on parenting. Here it is mandatory to mention that the role of a father is as important as of a mother at each and every development stage of the child.

The preparation of Fatherhood should start as early as pre-pregnancy.

  1. You must discuss with your partner about the lifestyle changes that are going to come with the baby
  2. If possible, opt for flexi-timehours for working. It gives you a window for any unforeseen emergency
  3. Try to be present with your partner for her monthly check up. It is not only going to give her a moral boost but also gives you a fair idea of what to expect during pregnancy
  4. Discuss with the doctor if you have any doubts in your mind
  5. Make your house kid friendly. Pay special attention to electrical appliances and switchboards Remove furniture with sharp edges. You can find many such ideas on the net to make your job easier
  6. Invest time in reading books on pregnancy and child care or surf the net for useful info
  7. There are many classes that train couples about child rearing. If you can squeeze in some time, it will be of great help.Pregnant Wife with Husband
Father-baby bond
  1. Holding your bundle of joy is the greatest feeling in the world. But some dads are scared to hold young babies. They refrain from holding babies for as long as six months. You are losing on many precious moments with your baby. There is nothing to worry about at all. Your baby just needs a little extra care in handling. Try it, you will love it!
  2. Lend a hand for baby care. Post delivery, women are weak physically. They can use all the extra help you can provide. Besides its a great way to bond with your baby
  3. Try & keep a track of the baby’s monthly check up and vaccinations. It is of the utmost importance. If your schedule allows, take your partner and baby out for small walks to nearby parks or malls. It is good for the mother as well as the child. You will find many couples in such places. You can share your experiences and get some handy tips for sure
  4. Don’t invest huge money on baby products. Choose wisely. Insist on quality products rather than fancy stuff. Babies grow rapidly at this stage so purchase stuff accordingly.20091120_sins_father-283x300
Denise the Menace
  1. Learn to cope up with toddler tantrums. Kids fuss about everything -eating, sleeping, playing. You can never judge their mood. You need to be flexible around them.
  2. Kids are full of energy. They have the ability to turn your world upside down. Crazy isn’t it! Don’t lose your  mind. Discipline your child in a positive way. Talk to him or her lovingly about things that you want him or her to do or not to do. Nothing is going to change overnight so better be patient
  3. Set a routine for your kid. It is going to be good for him or her as well as you
  4. Engage your kids in creative activities. Children need to be kept engaged constantly. It is the right time to inculcate good habits in them such as reading, creative hobbies, singing, dancing or anything as per your kid’s interest
  5. Encourage your child to take part in outdoor activities. You can accompany him or her to parks or sports clubs. An active child makes for a healthy child.Messy Child
Teenage Trouble
  1. Teenagers are a tricky lot. It is rather difficult to understand their needs and requirements. They prefer to live in their own bubble. As a parent, you must always encourage conversations. No matter how reluctant a child is, they always seek parental advice when in need.
  2. Give your opinion when they ask for it. Refrain from commenting on each and every activity of your child. Respect their space. Guide them but don’t intrude.
  3. You are your child’s best role model. Although they don’t seem to take direct lessons from you, subconsciously they absorb all your activities. Mind your conduct in front of your kids.
  4. Share your life experiences with them in creative ways. Tell them stories of your childhood and the mistakes you made. Tell them how they can learn from mistakes and make better choices in life. Just try not to be preachy
  5. Compliment and reward your child appropriately. A little acknowledgment and a few words of appreciation make a huge difference in every equation. While doing so try to be reasonable. Save the price tag look at the value of the reward through an encouragement perspective. Practical parenting is important for you and for your child.father daughter
DONTs must avoided at all cost
  1. Insulting your partner, engaging in fights or physical abuse is a complete no-no. Your conduct is a guideline for your child. Respect people around you if you want to command respect from your child
  2. Control your temper. An aggressive father can never be a guide, friend or companion of a child. No matter how much you pamper your child if you can’t put a lid on your hot head you will never develop a strong bond with your child
  3. Don’t discuss financial issues in front of your child. It is difficult for your child to understand the complexities of these matter. Tell them, if at all, clearly that it is not possible to fulfill all their demands and that they must earn the luxurious – not demand it.
  4. Don’t lie. No matter how small or big, don’t lie to your child. Explain the situation to him or her, ask for advice to engage your child. Transparency in your conduct might trouble you for a short time but in a long run it will benefit your relationship with your children.
Becoming a father is a huge transformation in your life. You will find it challenging at times. Put your heart and soul into it. It is one of the best feelings in the world and a supreme responsibility. Be positive and willing, after all, it is about your beloved baby.
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