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Giving back: Supporting a Silver Lining

Silver linings

Silver liningsAs you may be aware, blind females in India are triply disadvantaged; they have to live with blindness, suffer all disadvantages faced by non-disabled women and as a result, are often forced to live in complete poverty. A deep sense of shame and guilt, negative social pressures and attitudes, insecurity, neglect, rampant sexual abuse, humiliation, insignificance, denial and total suffocation are a few of the horrendous challenges suffered by blind women. Sadly there are few organisations equipped to take on the responsibility of working for visually impaired females as it is too difficult and challenging they sadly claim!

Silver Linings is dedicated to positively changing the plight of visually impaired women.

Silver Linings, is a not for profit organisation working towards empowering and uplifting the status of blind women, and those with other disabilities. It’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Preeti Monga, has herself been blind since childhood. Preeti has dedicated her life towards helping people with disabilities, to move away from the recipient approach and embrace the contributors mindset, targeting a complete paradigm shift in the way society and disabled people themselves, perceive physical and sensory disabilities

Preeti’s work strives to instigate this change by simultaneously influencing and motivating both the disabled and non disabled population. Her motto is, “To live with dignity is our right too. To see our rights come automatically to us, all we need to do is perform our duties to perfection with total dedication”.

Over the last three decades, Preeti has managed to create an impact in the disabled and non disabled communities with her relentless single-handed efforts. Now she is in the process of expanding her reach and increasing the scope of her work, so as to make a tangible contribution towards the empowerment of blind women and girls.

Preeti is therefore calling on individuals and organisations to assist and support Silver Linings to accomplish its mission of making a substantial, affirmative and a meaningful difference in the lives of blind females. Preeti believes that together we can help blind women help themselves to become productive, successfully citizens.

In the first phase of our project, Silver Linings aims to provide:

  • A hostel for blind working women and students
  • Access to computers, smart phones, tablets, training labs and a talking book library
  • Spreading awareness and dispelling inhibitions associated with disability, while promoting inclusion
  • Trauma counselling and sexual rights education

And thereafter, subject to available resources and support, Silver Linings plans to take its project to grow into a profit centre, which will be via, income-generating and self-help programmes. A part of the future plan is to include the elderly into the project as well.

Preet Monga, said: “We will be deeply grateful if you and your organisation can partner and support Silver Linings in its efforts to make life worth living for blind females. By providing a little support you can significantly change the lives of women with visual impairments.”

All contributions to Silver Linings are exempt from income tax under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

About Preeti Monga

Preeti Monga is the Founder and CEO of the Silver Linings Trust which offers a host of services to corporations, people with disabilities, women and the citizen at large. Herself blind since childhood, Preeti’s work encompasses, Motivation and Life Skill coaching, Optimizing Potential, Value Education and fitness trainings, Executive Search, Disbanding existing biases, Inclusion & Diversity, Mainstreaming, Skill Development, Building Awareness around abilities of disabled people, Creating Quality & Secure residential Spaces for blind females & Trauma Counseling; with the objective of living with Dignity a reality for all!

Some of the companies she has worked for are: Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, Katha, and The National Association for the Blind, P.P. Systems Pvt. Ltd. And Shushave Agriculture Farms Pvt.Ltd. She has worked in the capacity of business development manager, Marketing manager, public relations head, patient relations head, trainer, fund raiser and counselor.

Preeti is the first visually impaired aerobic instructor in the country and also is an outstanding motivational speaker. She conducts trainings to promote and facilitate Inclusion of people with disabilities in the corporate sector. She runs her own Executive Search service and is also a consultant in the Sexual Harassment space, along with delivering Wellness, Gender Sensitization and Personal Development workshops.

Sales, fund raising and writing are her other areas of expertise. Reading, traveling and networking are her passions.

Preeti’s mission is to train and guide persons with disability and empower women; to assist and motivate them to develop the capability to step forward and do their duties, so their rights can easily follow.

Her autobiography named ‘The Other Senses’ has been published by Roli Books.

Despite being visually impaired, Preeti has always stood her ground and rooted herself in the mainstream with dedication and unrelenting perseverance as her key strengths.

From the long list of prestigious awards she has been bestowed with some are mentioned here, The National Award 2013 by The President of India, Karamvir Fellowship and Ashoka Fellowship, The ‘Red and White Bravery’ Award, the ‘Rajeev Gandhi Manav Seva’ Award and the IIPM ‘Indomitable Spirit of Survival’ award.

Preeti is today living a great life, successfully juggling between roles of Social Entrepreneur, business woman, motivation speaker, Corporate Trainer, mother, grandmother, wife and homemaker!

Please check out Preeti Monga’s article here

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