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Giving Back: Lions Club of SOL Professionals

Hammer and books - Law

Hammer and books - LawLions Club of SOL Professionals – Founded by Advocate Pankaj B. Bafna

Tell us about SOL Professionals

Lions Club of SOL Professionals is a registered NGO with Lions Clubs International with a mandate to provide legal help and education to the society and help the needy to seek justice and their rights.

When was this organisation established?

Lions International is 90 years old and we registered our club in 2011.

Which cities are you operating from?

Our club is operating from Mumbai.

Why was SOL Professionals set up?

In India, there are many NGOs and government organisations who take care of medical care of people but not many organisations or NGO to take care of legal rights and remedies of the needy in India.

People have been fighting for justice for generations and often lose all their belongings and sometimes their lives fighting legal battles in court. Usually the affected persons cannot afford lawyers to fight their case so the wrong beneficiary reaps the benefits and the needy are deprived of their rights. Hence, I set up this organisation to fight for those who suffer injustice and help them win their rights and remedies, at no cost to them.

Our aim is for nobody to be deprived of their legal rights and for everyone to get justice in any form.

How did you get involved?

I formed this club with the help of an association from a very reputed NGO. As I am from the legal fraternity, I know the procedures involved in approaching the proper forums. I organise Legal camps at various sites and guide people on how to find out about their rights, in Medical, Financial, Property, Matrimonial and other types of disputes. During the weekends and holidays, I organise legal camps and take inputs from the needy and then guide them to the proper forums which can help them.

What is the mission of the organisation?

Our aim is for nobody to be deprived of their legal rights and for everyone to get justice in any form. Many people in need – particularly women without their own income and senior citizens – cannot afford lawyers. Our organisation is a link between justice and ordinary people who seek it.

There are many laws to help women but realistically women are often deprived of the benefits of the law. We especially want every woman to have equal rights.

What are your short term goals?

To educate each and every citizen of this country on the laws of the land of the land and not to have to beg for their basic rights.

Are you running any special initiatives?

Yes, I am running another organisation called the Mumbai Legal Forum where I educate and gather like-minded lawyers to get motivated and come and help the needy in the legal form. We are also running camps at various places in Mumbai and are hoping to roll this out to other cities in India soon.

How do you fundraise?

We organise various entertainment events where funds are raised through sponsorship. We also request sponsorship and help from our clients who come forward and offer us various capabilities.

How can others help?

Other NGOS or organisations can come and join with us and together we can organise events and raise funds jointly.

Who are the faces behind this organization?

Apart from myself, Pankaj Bafna, my wife Hema Bafna and my sons Akshay and Darshan Bafna are the people working behind this organisation.

Advocate Pankaj B.Bafna

Bafna Law Associates
Contact: 09322286088


11/13 Botawala Mansion
2nd Floor
Office No.204
Horniman Circle
Fort, Mumbai 400 001

Lions Club SOL Logo

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