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Giving Back: Dr.Sharmila Nagraj Nandula | Director, Woxsen School of Arts and Design

Provide a brief description about your organisation

Dr.Sharmila Nagraj NandulaWoxsen School of Arts and Design is on a mission to inspire a lifelong interest in design by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative curriculum, workshops, seminars, exhibits and programs.
Woxsen School of arts and design provides you the space and freedom to work on the different aspects of creativity and design thinking. The school is located within a sprawling 200-acre campus, with the infrastructure required for world class education. The Woxsen campus has created an enriched space a vibrant environment which attracts the stewards design professionals and faculty from around the globe. These experts bring will help motivate and inspire the young aspiring designers. The campus will also provide an opportunity for our UG students to be mentored by our experienced students pursuing management education.

As entrepreneurship is an essential part of the curriculum, the Trade Tower will nurture business ideas, incubate them and take them to the level of being a viable business.

Woxsen boasts of some of the best sports facilities for playing cricket, football, tennis, basketball, golf, swimming, gym etc for relaxation and physical fitness.

When was the organisation established?

Woxsen School is at the moment a School of Business offering one year executive MBA for experienced executives of the industry and a two year MBA for graduates just out of Under Grad Schools. It was established in2013. It has been designed, planned and executed for being the world best facility in education.

The school is the youngest school in India to be accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a statutory body under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Government of India and also within a very short span, has become a member of the AMBA DEVELOPMENT NETWORK (ADN). Membership of the ADN demonstrates Woxsen’s commitment to quality in postgraduate management education.

The School is headed by the best in academics with an industry and entrepreneurial background. The School now wishes to expand and spread its wings by adding one school at a time to its umbrella. August 2016 will see the beginning of the new courses under the School of Arts and Design Stream.

We wish to start with:

– Fashion Design

– Textile Design

– Product Design

– Interior Design.

– Retail Management

The course curriculum is being designed by the eminent academicians of the above mentioned streams. The exhaustive syllabus will have workshops, internships, industry projects and seminars scheduled every winter and summer breaks. The advantage of Woxsen education is its Global Immersion Programme where all the students will travel to an International facility for about a week to get the best exposure in the field.

Which cities are you operating from?

From Hyderabad

Why was the organisation set up? / What prompted you / the founders to set up the organisation?

Woxsen School of Arts and DesignA dream or a vision is the ultimate architect of life. To achieve contentment, the founder has always believed that work must reflect greatness and along this journey he has come to realize that this is only possible by doing what he truly loves.

In order for a society to have a sustainable future, it must have the ability to replenish itself with people who specialize in being creative in order to become innovative and enterprising future thought leaders in their respective fields; who push the conventional boundaries and harness their potential to become change agents and bring about a brighter tomorrow. It was through this idea that the dream of Woxsen was conceived.

Sir Richard Branson says-

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.”

Given a world class and collaborative architecture Woxsen aims to present a platform with ample challenges to our students in order for them to prove themselves after graduation in the real world as innovative entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

The Founder’s vision for Woxsen is to create the largest family of game changers worldwide that come together at any stage, be it the first day or several decades hence. Woxsen is an eternal home to creative researchers, brilliant teachers in the world of management education and we will lead the world as the most innovative school in management education with capacity and capability that to deliver the most comprehensive human talent to both corporate and to our society.

Woxsen campus is to be created in three phases over four years and will have a built up space of 3 million square feet, possibly the largest school in the country, if not the world. When completed, the campus architecture will provide a very stimulating environment for creative living for students and faculty alike. We will have hubs all over the world in places like the UK and USA.

With this in perspective, Woxsen will design its curriculum and content and evolve learning methods, in order for our students to imbibe credibility, conscience, capacity and capability for a career that will be marked by trust and self belief. Translating these into value proposition would mean our students would go with incredible potential to generate wealth 10 times a student from the best school today in India.

Thus, Woxsen aims to be in the league of extraordinary schools.

What’s your involvement / How did you get involved?

I am the Director of the Woxsen School of Arts and Design. As the core of the institution is excellence in academics and entrepreneurship I fit the position like hand in a glove due to my 24 years of experience in academics (majorly with NIFT), retail, research and entrepreneurship(my design Studio Kaumudi studio and online enterprise for handlooms, handcrafted and hand made clothes). All through my life I have been with start ups and learnt immensely and contributed to the growth and success through the building of educational institutes, organisations, retail companies in US to my own e-commerce.

What is the mission of the organisation?


To create an ecosystem in arts and design which will transform aspiring students dreams to reality.


• Provide a system to nurture, establish and grow creative and innovative ideas
• Develop necessary capability and capacity that will deliver the most enterprising, creative talent to the industry and society
• Develop global platform for design thinking
• Develop designers, managers, entrepreneurs and social leaders with creativity, strategy, communication and organization as four pillars of design value

Academic Objectives

• To provide an open creative environment for design education and research to further its practice and scholarship.
• To conduct the UG Programmes in arts and design by providing skills and practice through an exhaustive system of classroom learning, practical and workshops by nationally and internationally distinguished academicians, industry and entrepreneurs.
• To provide a conducive environment, learning opportunities and industry support for the development of next generation of design leaders.

Academic Values

• Accord top priority to the needs of our students.
• Providing highest quality of education and associated support services.
• Equal opportunity policy.
• Team spirit inculcated through mutual cooperation, support and participative decision-making.
• Respect and care for every individual associated with us.
• Professional growth of every individual through an objective evaluation of performance.
• Encourage innovation and creativity by welcoming challenges and suggestions and by accepting risk.
• Be a responsible and good citizen.

Are you currently running any special initiatives?
  • Woxsen School of arts and design is going to be in a space with freedom to work on the different aspects of creativity and design thinking.
  • The school is designed in the sprawling campus, which is the best of infrastructure that will become corridors of deep learning with renowned world class faculty and industry experts delivering lectures and motivational talks.
  • The detailed curriculum with immense knowledge and mentorship of the postgraduate students of management will give the under graduate student an edge over the other design students.
  • The Trade Tower will nurture design ideas and take inspirational works to a level to excel as a business.
  • The campus invites stalwarts of the design industry who will bring their life lessons to the classroom.
  • A foreign language certification in offered which is an advantage in design career along with extracurricular activities.
  • Woxsen campus has one of the most sophisticated world class sports facilities to nurture the sportsmen in you.
How do you fundraise?

Tuition fee is the only component charged to keep the school sustainable in its activities

How can others help?

We look forward to interactions and collaborations with national and international design schools, entrepreneurs, government bodies, industry experts, buyers and buying houses which bring immense strength to the class room learnings. They can bring their requirements, opportunities and challenges to the class room to make learning much more channelized and chiseled for specific requirements. This will fill gaps in curricula and facilitate greater absorption of graduates without any further trainings on job.

Who are the faces behind the organisation:

  • Founder & Chairman: Veen Pula
  • Dr. M. Ram Mohan Rao, Provost
  • Dr.Nagadevara, Dean and Professor
  • Shrikumar Sangiah, CEO Dr. M. Rammohan Rao
  • School of Business
Contacting Dr.Sharmila –
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