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Get Involved: Samabhavana – Cuppa…Dil Se!

SamabhavanaLogoSamabhavana’s mission is to support deprived sections of the community through innovative programs which help the underprivileged have “Dignity in Life”. They focus on child protection, gender and sexuality, and human rights.

SamabhavanaLOGO-1‘Cuppa…Dil Se’ is a current project which employs differently-abled youth, often who are deaf and mute, to make and serve a “Cuppa”. Companies wishing to extend their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives can choose Cuppa…Dil Se as their tea vendor. This program provides employment, and most importantly, integration of specially-abled youth, which in turn builds their confidence and independence.

Samabhavana’s innovative project Cuppa…Dil Se, is a CSR driven project to ensure delivery of the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities, promoting education including special education and employment-enhancing vocational skills to children, women, elderly, and the differently-abled.

Samabhavana’s SMILE (Students Mastering Important Life skills Education) program is for special needs students from 1st to 10th Standard. It educates students on child protection, gender equality, responsible behavior, financial inclusion, physiology and anatomy sessions (for 9th & 10th  standard) backed up with special sessions on safe sex, STDs and HIV/AIDs.

Their Healthy Adolescent Initiative (HAI) program ensures healthy lives for these adolescents by providing  regular health check ups and nutritional advice to teachers and parents.

By participating in the Cuppa program, organisations will provide livelihood enhancement to the deaf and mute. Additionally, companies would be supporting Samabhavana’s important initiatives; SMILE (education) and HAI (health).

What does it cost the Corporate?

Only INR 10/- per cuppa (Kindly contact us for more budgeting information)

Rs. 6 per cuppa goes to the employee

Rs. 4 per cuppa as support for Sambhavana’s additional programs

Cuppa…Dil Se with us!

Office: +91 022 23080592/93

Seerat at +91 9594485767

Email: [email protected]

Samabhavana Society is a non-profit organisation whose Vision is “Dignity In Life” and Motto “Happiness for All”, Our Mission: To  work  Courageously  in  Society,  in  the  area  of  Child  Protection,  Gender  and Sexuality  &  Human  rights.  We  are  committed  to  support  deprived  sections  of  communities  to achieve  their  rights.  We shall enable communities to realize Truth and Happiness through innovative programs. To find out more, please see: www.samabhavanasociety.org

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