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Fusion’s 19th Event | Silver Linings

Silver linings

Fusion, a social networking platform for people with and without disabilities, had their 19th meet-up on the 2th September, 2016.Fusion- Silver Linings

Fusion was launched on 10th November 2013 at the India International Center New Delhi. This time the Fusion event took place at the Bai Vir Singh Sadan on Bai Vir Singh Road New Delhi; and we are ever so grateful to Mr. Mohinder Singh, and to the Bai Vir Singh Sadan, whom wholeheartedly sponsored and supported the event, providing the space as well as tea and refreshments for the meet free of charge.  Fusion has succeeded to directly touch lives of over 400 people this far and are hoping to have indirectly touched lives of over 10,000 people, through word of mouth, circulation of our invites and reports; and various media coverage.

Fusionites worked hard to promote the event over calls, social media and personal connections; aiming to reach this wonderful opportunity to a large number of people. There were 42 people present and this time there were about 60% disabled and 40% non disabled people present. This in itself is a huge compliment as it shows that people who don’t have any disability are also finding that Fusion event’s bring value to their lives, demonstrating the success of this idea, which is to achieve true inclusion.

As usual, the event started off with an enthralling introduction session. Despite facing horrendous challenges, both physical and otherwise, every person was a surprise package of unlimited achievements and accomplishments, both from the disabled and non-disabled . On request from some of our Fusion members, we organized an ‘on the spot’, minute-long speaking deliberation on one of the most sought-after, yet, rarely publicly discussed topics of, ‘Should a Disabled Person Choose a Disabled Life Partner, or  a Non Disabled Spouse’?. Nearly every member had something to contribute to this topic, and so we opened the floor for discussion, moderated by Preeti Monga. The result was that most were of the opinion that one should look for similar value systems rather than at any other attributes while choosing a life partner. Fusion- SIlver Linings

Fusionites have now begun to come up and test their public speaking skills and get over their public speaking fear! We are constantly encouraging and coaxing them to make use of this wonderful opportunity. Mr. Prashant Kapoor, one of our very dear and most talented Fusion members, gave an amazing and brilliant Tabla recital once again! Fusion has become a platform for aspiring artists to get over their stage phobia and Prashant is now blossoming into a stage solo Tabla performer.

Thereafter, interactive activity was conducted where participants practiced looking at the positive side of any situation, as well as promoted mingling amongst each other.

The meet came to an energetic close, with some enthralling music and an attempt at swinging to the latest songs from Bollywood! Many of the energized participants sang songs and we had Sapna share her own beautiful poem with us! As usual, almost everyone categorically mentioned how inspired they were after the event and how this event had positively impacted the way they looked at life and events in their own world!

“We are going back with so much positive energy; and will bring our friends and family next time over, so that they  too can experience the utter life enhancing spectacle that has opened up a complete new world of possibilities for us all”!

We are delighted to share, that, people are actually traveling from far and wide, simply to attend the Fusion event. This time we had people from Dheradoon in Uttaranchal Pradesh and Bhilwara in Rajasthan. As usual, not many were willing to go back home…but then every good thing must come to a beautiful end! Fusion- Silver Linings

We at Silver Linings take this opportunity to thank each one of  you, who made this event such a roaring success with their great efforts and kind presence! We are deeply touched and honored.

Find out more about Preeti Monga and her Silver Linings here



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