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From Hurried Holidays to Soulful Vacations | Veechi Shahi

Beach vacation

Beach vacationTis the season of holidays, expensive flight tickets, packing-unpacking, hotel bookings and shopping, jam-packed tourist destinations and rushed schedules. We accumulate leaves, wait until the family is free when everyone can get quality time and plan a perfect holiday. With a tight 10-day vacation and 20 places to see, the schedule needs to be chalked out well in advance and followed to the tee. If the group is bigger, the coordination doubles up.

For a moment, let us just pause and think – aren’t we as busy during a vacation as we are on any other day of our life? Where has the concept of unwinding and relaxing on a holiday gone? When we are at work, we fantasise about holidays and when on a holiday, we worry about work!

Digital holidays are big favourites (and bigger spoilers).

As if these touch-and-go holidays were not enough, technology and media have redefined vacations even further. A Facebook friend posted recently, “Visiting my 26th country tomorrow, before my 26th birthday!” A displaced sense of pride and achievement perhaps? Even before one reaches a place, let alone experiencing it, a picture gets clicked! Even before one relishes the deliciousness on a plate, its picture is clicked and uploaded for the world to see. WhatsApp beeps, umpteen Instagram updates, ceremonial selfies, posy pouts and video recordings – the list goes on.

The holiday that needs a holiday to recover from.

We have strayed far away from the true, original and simple purpose of a vacation – to unwind and relax.They have become a bucket-list to be covered in a hurry. In fact, we rush through our holidays and then we can’t wait for them to finish so we can go home and relax!

“Travel brings power and love back to your life” Rumi

Tis time to go back to good-old holidaying, breathe some consciousness and mindfulness into vacations and redefine their purpose in our lives. Holidays don’t always have to mean a change of city, or even a 5-star hotel stay. Anything that engages, uplifts and revives our five senses is a holiday. Anything that breaks the monotony of life, relaxes the spirit and rejuvenates the soul. To be on a holiday is to engage with every little joy that a destination has to offer, so that you return energised and recharged to dive into everyday life again.

Here are some mindful tips to simplify your holidays:

  • Sleep in, laze on the beach and stroll down sidewalks to plug out of action
  • A solo trek to a mountain or a deep dive under the sea can make you find a friend in yourself
  • Camping with like-minded people can unfold new relationships
  • Make time for family to bond and reconnect
  • Build courage and confidence by going for an adventure trip
  • Visit a new destination and unfold new possibilities
From Doing to Non-doing

Why not make the most of it? Here’s how

  • Turn off the tech and turn on some self-love
  • Be spontaneous, be open and be in the present
  • Move at your own pace; slow down as much as you want to
  • Infuse tons of simplicity, healing, bonding and relaxation into your holiday season
  • Eat well and rest a lot

Let your hair down, let go and experience the magic. After all isn’t this the reason you wanted a holiday in the first place?

A New Leaf takes you on holidays that combine fun and excitement with deep transformation work. It allows one to experience a wondrous place, with the spirit of adventure and the joys of being together. These awareness holidays use meditation, yoga, relaxation, walks, nutrition and other techniques, to help explore inner and outer nature. They can be enjoyed as announced, customised and accompanied.

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