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From EQ to SQ

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Life is infinite, and once we open the gateways of our mind, body and soul, we can travel to incredible distances.

A New Leaf was founded by Dr. Veechi as a platform for integrated and holistic healing techniques and programs that can lift people into a place of peace and harmony. By exploring your potential, untapped creativity, self-expression and energy, A New Leaf enables Dr. Veechi and her partners to support you to advance in your journey of transformation – from Emotional Quotient (EQ) to Spiritual Quotient (SQ). The journey begins with accepting problem areas and root causes; and evolves organic solutions for better living. As life channels open up, it inspires the flow of creativity and natural transformation in your life.

For any organisation, it is imperative to ensure that its human resource is operating at peak efficiency all the time. Without it, a company may have to contend with less than 100% productivity, bearing the cost of recurring illness and prolonged absenteeism. A New Leaf builds conscious corporates by conducting Stress Management Programs through a unique offering – ‘From Emotional Quotient to Spiritual Quotient’ that includes:

  • Health& Nutrition
  • Yoga & Fitness
  • Anger Management
  • NLP & Deep Relaxation
  • Corporate Constellation
  • Zen & Meditative Management

A New Leaf’s team of consultants and experts are qualified to infuse people with vital energies and strengths that go a long way in turning human resource to assets. It uses simple methodologies to reach out to people and bring about change. As people begin identifying and understanding their best emotional response to stress, both the organisation and its human resource start to gain.

A New Leaf LogoAbout A New Leaf

A New Leaf is a unique healing and coaching platform founded by life coach Dr. Veechi Shahi and her partners. Based in Mumbai, the centre is all about bringing about real change through myriad integrated and holistic healing techniques.

Stress management workshops focus on guiding you to rise above and stay serene in the midst of challenge – just like a lotus. Life coaching and wellness coaching opens you up to embrace yourself the way you are, and go deeper into transformation. Women empowerment programs attune the modern woman to see beauty in the choices she makes and celebrate her every day. Meditation sessions are all about building awareness and emerging into a true you.

By blending these programs with simple processes like breathing, meditation, relaxation, yoga, nutrition and more, A New Leaf guides you to discover your true potential. By establishing an Emotional Quotient, the team achieves a Spiritual Quotient – raising your consciousness and enhancing your positive energy, forever.

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