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Five Essentials of Being a Fearless Female Entrepreneur | Shilpi Singh | Blogger

Shilpi-Singh-Blogger-thumbnailFour out of five women entrepreneurs whom I have met in the last few years are somewhat scared. Sometimes scared of failing, many a time scared of being perfect, scared of being judged, scared of falling short of their own expectations and others’ expectations from them.

Whatever, the reason, this existence of fear morphs into a lack of confidence and this further results into a surprisingly low count of women entrepreneurs. It would have been easier if talent or competency was an issue, but fortunately that is abundant.

So this piece is not about what has gone before, it’s about how we can turn around the future because Success is Just Round the Corner!

Five Essentials for Turning it Around:

1. Doing > Thinking – You cannot think your way to confidence; you will have to work your way up. In many of my coaching interventions, I ask my clients for an Input vs Output analysis. The client has always had an ‘aha!’ moment where they have had a self-realisation and reality check. Do a reality check and score the numbers of hours put into your venture. If it’s not enough, put in more! Working hard with purpose and passion is directly proportional to building confidence.

2. Projects > Planning – My interventions always start with Visioning and Goal Setting. They are essential. Having said that, long-term plans should be supported with clear short-term projects. Projects which are immediate and doable. There is nothing sweeter and more motivating than achievements and success. Quiet confidence builds on with the success of every assignment. Goals are meant to create a path, don’t make them overwhelm you! Make all your big plans into small, doable projects.

3. Network > Individual – Today, we are living in a collaborative economy. The power of your network can fast-track your success. A good network not only opens doors for more business but also gives an opportunity to share your thoughts with like-minded people. It provides a platform where you can learn and get inspired from fellow entrepreneurs journeys. Open up, meet more people and help others. Go out and build your network. Entrepreneurs should never lunch alone!

4. Applied Knowledge > Acquired Knowledge – Don’t we always do it to ourselves, ‘I don’t know enough!’ Apply what you already know while simultaneously increasing your knowledge domains. This exercise is not a linear progression, it has to be put in analogue mode. What you know NOW is enough for you to make a mark NOW!

5. Likeable Work > Likeable You – Why this fixation with you being the most liked one? Understand that people should like your work and not just you. Personally, I have found talent and skills yield more trust, respect and results than being nice. Stand up for yourself. Speak for yourself. Like your work the way you would want others to like it.

So go ahead and embrace these five essentials. They certainly worked for me. They definitely will work for you with a little extra belief and lots of hard work!

Shilpi Singh

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