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Female Spotlight: Zeynep Kanra Behind the Lens

Zeynep MumbaiYou may have seen some fantastic images on WeAreTheCity.in. We have been lucky enough to work with Zeynep Kanra who is a wonderful photographer. You can check out her site here

Zeynep KanraWe caught up with Zeynep to ask her a few questions.

Why are you in India?

I am working for a credit risk insurance company in Mumbai, but it was always my dream to live in India as I have been travelling to India for more than 8 years.

What inspires you to shoot pics?

India itself is the inspiration, as it is like a fairy tale – which is very real. I love every detail I see around me and if you love India, you know that it loves you back.

How did you get to be such an amazing photographer?

Thank you. Taking photos is like a therapy for me – maybe meditation, even like praying. I am in love with each and every moment I capture and photography is the best way to share it with other people. How happy and lucky I am that people love my photography and they can feel what I felt when taking those photos. This is like a flow of energy.

I am not planning to leave India until it leaves me.

What do you like most about India?

Light in people’s eyes. That smile which comes from the heart despite all odds and difficulties of life.

What are your plans for the future?

I am not planning to leave India until it leaves me. Life has shown me that no matter what you plan, destiny makes the decision. So I leave everything to destiny and universe.

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