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Female Entrepreneur: Shalini Chopra| The Final Flourish, Co-founder and Performance Coach

Shalini Chopra

Shalini Chopra I was born and raised in an industrial town of India called Jamshedpur. My mother was my first role model. Ever since she completed her graduation she had been working. I grew up seeing her balancing multiple roles and giving complete commitment to everything she did. I attribute my courage and value sytems to my upbringing. I believe that ‘values’ are the key filter that a human applies to imbibe and internalise the various experiences in life, which eventually shape a person. And so it was with me – I grew up to be a very curious and sensitive person and also extremely courageous, determined and perseverant.

Since the days of my graduation I was intrigued by human behaviours. My professional life, in the IT services industry, in various leadership roles, in India as well as overseas, has helped my curiosity and understanding of people behaviours to deepen.

Tell us about The Final Flourish

‘The Final Flourish’, which I co-founded in early 2012, is a boutique venture specialising in Performance Coaching and Mentoring. Our key service offering, for corporates as well individuals, is one-on-one ‘Performance Coaching’. We help organisations achieve their business outcomes through enhanced people performance. We work with practising leaders as well as aspiring leaders.

The Final Flourish works with all industries, including IT Services, Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, Hospitality and Wellness to name but a few and ours is an ‘outcome based model’.

Why did you set up the company?

Through life – personal and professional, we noticed that the key differentiator and enabler to success in this world is behavioural skills. A very good professional degree, with poor behavioural skills versus an average professional degree, with good or exceptional behavioural skills – very often the second person would be more successful and consistently so.

The proficiency in the cognitive skills is predominantly an outcome of one’s behavioural skills. The Final Flourish mantra is that “Success in any sphere / stage is an outcome of an individual’s behavioural skills”.

The unrelenting passion to coach people to develop or enhance such behaviours, or overcome impeding behaviours, is what led to the founding of The Final Flourish.

The Final Flourish
What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Often a large number of people think that hiring a coach means that ‘one is not good enough’. That leads them to be in denial of their need towards self-development.

Also, awareness levels of how critical it is to invest in self-development, especially given the rapidly changing world as well as business environment, is still low in India.

However, in the last four years, I have seen a shift in this and many more people now reach out to us individually too, to get coached on specific areas that they identify, or get our help to identify.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Our coaching outcomes have achieved 100% success and that’s our greatest achievement.

Besides, many of the people we have coached call us or drop us a line to share how the coaching intervention has transformed their lives. Every such moment adds to our sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Just to quote a couple of them:

“Before the coaching, I used to be in a state of stress and was anxious about anything or everything. Now I feel I can handle any kind of challenge or crisis, and this is making me feel more confident, more healthy and happy. This is making me more successful and popular professionally too. And I smile more often.”

“Thanks Shalini for helping me overcome my ‘time’ challenges. Now I experience my life is so sorted that I am able to achieve much more in much less time, both professionally and personally. My husband also finds me more relaxed and the environment at work and at home is generally more relaxed.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Several women, in addition to my mother, have inspired me. Every time I met a successful individual I thought: “How is she is able to achieve so much? What was her journey like and how did she overcome her own challenges?” And that reframed my thinking from being inhibited to being growth oriented.

How do you balance your work life and home life?

To me work-life balance is a myth. I believe in ‘work-life harmony’ and that is what I pursue. Now that one of my biggest passions is my profession too, it gives me a great sense of balance and strength. Besides I am extremely particular about my ‘me time’ and enjoying my own company every now and then. Something I have been practising for close to 15 years now.

What advice do you have for women starting out on their own?
  • Introspect before starting up!
  • Identify your strengths and carefully find a mentor who can support you in your journey
  • Do not start up as a solution to work-life balance because a successful business needs 200% of your bandwidth – emotionally as well as time-wise – more so in the initial years. Starting your venture is not a ‘work life balanced’ substitute to your work life
  • Start up only when you are fully committed and sure that this is the only thing that you see yourself doing and enjoying for the rest of your life
  • Choose your business partner judiciously – as far as possible look for complimentary skills and congruence in values

If you could ask for one thing to help propel your business what would it be?

A community (not platform) of entrepreneurs which can help and support each other especially during the start-up phase.

What does the future hold for you?

The future is all about the joy, fulfilment and happiness from seeing people FLOURISH!

About Shalini Chopra

Shalini is the Co-founder of The Final Flourish. She specialises in Performance Coaching and mentoring of senior leaders as well as emerging leaders. She has coached over 400 people on Leadership Behavioural Skills and also various dimensions of Communication Skills.

Shalini has an innate ability to study and observe human behaviours and draw deep learning from that. While in the corporate world, she was a fast tracker and was one of the youngest Associate Directors in a Fortune 50 company. She is also supporting and mentoring women to take up senior leadership roles through her initiative ‘Mentoring the WISE (Women Inspired to Shine and Excel). She is passionate about pursuing music, dance and seeing people smile.

Website: www.thefinalflourish.com / www.mentorthewise.org




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