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Female Entrepreneur | Rutu Shah, Rocha Fashion Boutique

Rocha Fashion Boutique

Rutu ShahMy dream was always to start my own business in the field of fashion having had an interest in this particular area since my childhood. So, after completing my MBA, when I got an opportunity I grabbed it and started an online designer jewellery store.

Tell us about Rocha Fashion Boutique

We are a designer fashion jewellery store. When my husband Sagar came to India in search of business, we decided to focus on four to five ideas. Sagar picked up some jewellery from Singapore airport and when I saw the price, this idea struck my mind. We discussed the idea and since Sagar is a Digital Marketer by profession with technical knowledge, he set up the website in no time. This was in early 2014.

Currently, we are focusing on premium indo-western jewellery only and are planning to include a whole fashion range in clothing and accessories by next year.

Our target audience is middle and upper class women. Also, our targeting age is 18 to 45. I think we have a large audience as you can wear our jewellery to any function as well as at work.

What drove you to become an Entrepreneur?
Rocha Fashion Boutique

When I realised that middle class women could not easily find premium jewellery in India with Indo-western style and at affordable prices, I thought that this was a real gap in the market. Hence I found the solution and the outcome was Rocha Fashion.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

To be frank, the biggest challenge was to develop the store front and setting up a payment gateway. We do not have Stripe like payment solution in India where one can make a purchase with one click. However, Sagar developed the website and integrated CCavenue. CCavenue is reasonably good at this time.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I would say we were able to validate the product without wasting too much money has been our biggest achievement. Also, we have not received a single complaint regarding product quality. This is big for first time entrepreneurs like us. Many of our buyers even ask us how we can deliver this sort of quality products with such affordable pricing!

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
Rocha Fashion Boutique

Sagar is my biggest inspiration for me. He has motivated me in each and every step in the business.

How do you balance your work life and home life?

My mother-in-law and in fact all family members are very supportive. They all believe in me and I have my husband as a co-founder and it is working out very well.

What advice do you have for women starting out on their own?

I would say take a risk if you want to do something unique and work hard to fulfil your dream.

If you could ask for one thing to help propel your business what would it be?

Well, we need funding to scale the business. We have validated the product and have received a very good response from our clients. Angel round can be very handy to expand the business.

Rocha Fashion BoutiqueWhat does the future hold for you?

We would like to make “Rocha Fashion” a global brand.

About Rutu Shah

I am a recently married girl from a tier-3 city in India. I have completed my MBA and I am a woman with passion and want to make difference. My role model is our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi.


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Rocha Fashion
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