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Female Entrepreneur: Pallavi Singh – Hindi teacher

IMG_4413Tell us about yourself

I am 23 years old, studying psychology. I love traveling, having my photo taken, enjoy North Indian food and a nicely made cup of coffee.

Why did you start to teach to Hindi specifically to Expats?

Back in 2011 I realised there were not many institutions/people doing it sincerely and for the sheer love of teaching my language. I wanted a good remuneration, respectable job, flexibility and something which gives me a bit of a financial freedom along with exposure to people from all across the globe.

What type of students do you have?

I’ve taught people from each continent! I’ve taught each kind, from Bollywood backdrop dancers and models to students, official diplomats and foreigners married to Indians. My proud addition to the list is William Dalrymple, a famous Historian and Author.

Be original and stellar (like me)

William DalrympleTell us about the experience

It has been highly positive. Along with increasing my confidence and giving me a worldly exposure, this job has given me some of my most closest friends and memorable experiences. Yes, there were a few not-so-good encounters, but nothing can be all rosy and great.

My biggest learning from this job, I would say, is my broadening of spectrum of understanding and common perception about people.

What challenges have you overcome?

To gain trust from the expat community that I have skills and I can deliver and they are paying me for a quality service.

Who was your most difficult client?

One student from Iceland took a class and never came around to paying me for it. I chased her for a while but it was futile. Since then I started to take advance payment to safeguard myself.

What has been your funniest teaching moment?image

When students ask me translations of words like “Sexy”, “Hot” and “pain in the ass” etc. The translation of many words and phrases do not exist in the Hindi Language and providing alternatives instead can be quite tricky!

What advise would you live to budding teachers?

Be original and stellar (like me)

91 97690 215 95 /+91 90131 474 09

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HindiLessonsforForeignersinIndia/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLRiNtYc4lM&feature=youtu.be

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