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Fear and Surrender

Fear of living, fear of dying, fear of losing, fear of finding, fear of success and fear of failure…

Which one of these do you live with? Or do you fear each and everything mentioned above and maybe some more too?

man aloneWhen we are born, we don’t know any fear. None at all! We are born free from fear because we are free from all sorts of conditioning. A few months from birth, when we start realising our surroundings, even then we are not aware of what we are heading towards.

A baby would essentially be unaware of his or her surroundings for the first few months and then when realisation hits, the baby starts reacting and responding to people around and starts to express what it feels… hunger, pain, discomfort, sleepiness and also smiles once it recognises those who are around him or her constantly. The baby lives in absolute joy and just goes with the flow and is in a completely surrendered state of spirit when it is that small. Since it is dependent on those around for its care and nourishment, the small infant completely trusts and surrenders itself to the caretaker, innately knowing that he or she will be fed on time, kept safe and will basically be cared for.

A baby has no fear whatsoever of its surroundings. What if we, as grown-ups, can start living like a baby? Sounds funny?

You are probably wondering why would we want live like a baby again, once we are done with that stage of our lives and are all grown up and mature, smart and experienced!

Well, that’s the whole point!

If we actually consider growing up in size and brain and experience but keep the child within us alive and functioning in our daily living, won’t we be more fearless and happy? If we could just surrender and trust the universe for all that IS, then we can be happier, feel more secure and as we just live in the flow, we can be without fear.

Fear is a figment of our imagination.

We are co-creators along with God of what we make of our lives. Being the co-creators, we give ourselves the liberty to create whatever we want for ourselves. What we create are our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions and also our fears.  Once we grow up and start becoming more and more aware of our surroundings, we also start observing the factors that condition us into believing different things. These conditioning factors are governed by the families we are born into, the belief systems we are expected to follow and what we are taught by those around us… including the formal and informal education we receive.

If you pick up a baby and playfully throw it up in the air, it will gurgle and laugh with joy, put up its hands in the air and completely trust that you will catch it back when it comes down.

Why does the child not feel any fear, any threat or anger when you play with it like this? Simple reason… It trusts and does not fear because it surrenders itself to the joy of play that it shall enjoy.

If we as adults could trust the Universe and allow all our life to play out as a game and only live in a state of surrender to what may or may not happen, then we will be happier beings.


Written by:
Meetashi Makar


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