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Dreaming Your Living Spaces – Part of the 25 secret tips on home design by M

M-Interiordesign1We have to write a destiny we dream and live It knowing it’s a dream.

As you rise in the morning and see the sky as yourself, “Have I denied myself my dream or is it the skies?” We have to write the dream, visualise it, dream it all the time and live it every moment.

Every time we waver off it’s those moments where we are not living our dream. Remember we are saying dreams! So don’t visualise nightmares.

The same goes with space we need to visualise every minute detail up to the feel of the stone as you walk bare feet to the wall you see when you rise. Your space must be a dream. Dreams can be small or large. Visualise the feel of the cabinetry, the comfort of your chair, the shower that will play daily in your bath rituals. Visualise the dining, how it acts host to those family dinners with its fine bone china and candles lit in celebrations. Visualise that dream chandelier you once saw and said, “This must be mine!” and see it in your living area.

What if I can’t dream the space?

An interior designer or architect is like a counselor who, through intelligent conversation, understands your dreams and your nightmares. Their job is exactly that.

As a designer I understand that clients come with nightmares too and sometimes their dreams are blurred due to certain challenges in their lives. I am a dreamer and love dreaming about spaces. That’s exactly what clients want sometimes – to live the dream the designer has for their space. I write poetry and spaces I design are a translation of the dreams and romances in my poetry. Some clients love that and want this dream.

So while doing up your living spaces make sure you have lovely dreams clearly in your head. Translate these into sketches, pictures and material charts. And if you want help – hire a dreamy designer!


More design tips from M coming soon.

About M, Founder, Lets Space it out

Munawwar Sharifi aka M is a gifted Architect & Interior designer. Creatively inclined from the very beginning, M did his schooling from St Andrew’s School followed by college education from Mithibhai College showcasing his artistic stride throughout his educational years. His architectural Alma mater, LS Raheja School for Architecture, helped him hone his skills.

Passionate about designing spaces, M currently heads a design company ‘Lets space it out’ erstwhile known as ‘The Design Company’. He has been responsible for designing commercial spaces for some of the most reputed names like Unilever, ING, Principal Financial group. His extravagant styling also reflects in personal spaces that he has designed for his HNIs across the country.

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