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Diversity and Inclusion Seminar 2014

Diversity 1D & I Seminar Objectives

Register Today1. Discuss the role of Diversity in the workplace across traditional and emerging markets with a focus on equal opportunity policies and practices.
2. Address how diversity can be leveraged by corporations in the marketplace to identify new business opportunities and target diverse customer segments.
3. Focus on the role of diversity in India: How Multinational Corporations and local enterprises can implement D&I policy changes to address the needs of LGBT employees.
4. Collectively develop a vision for what the Indian business community can do to promote and implement safe workplaces for all employees.zebra

Target Audience

The Seminar is designed for business executives, HR and Diversity & Inclusion professionals, and advocacy leaders who have an interest in addressing Diversity.


A. Leveraging Diversity in the Workplace
Anthony Tenicela- IBM, More names are being confirmed
B. Marketplace Diversity – Generating Return on Investment Globally
Geetha Prasanna- IBM, , Bob Witeck (expert), more names are being confirmed.*
C. Driving Innovation with Strategic Partnerships
Claire Lucas-  USAID, Chance Mitchell – NGLCC, Jasmir Thakur-Samabhavana Society, Pooja Shahani- Community Business

For more details and Registration
Jasmir Thakur
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Samabhavana Society

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Samabhavana Society is a non-profit organisation whose Vision is “Dignity In Life” and Motto “Happiness for All”, Our Mission: To  work  Courageously  in  Society,  in  the  area  of  Child  Protection,  Gender  and Sexuality &  Human  rights.  We  are committed  to  support  deprived  sections  of  communities  to achieve  their rights.  We shall enable communities to realize Truth and Happiness through innovative programs. To find out more, please see: www.samabhavanasociety.org  



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