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Disha Batra, Founder and Principal, Kids Prism

Disha Storytelling

KIDS PRISM Pre SchoolWith a background in Liberal Arts from Loreto College, Calcutta, I am a Montessori specialist with over 17 years experience. I began my career as a teacher in Calcutta, and worked my way up to the youngest principal of ‘Harvard House’ – one of the best known Montessori houses in Calcutta. I relocated to Bangalore in 2000 and worked in leading international schools such as the Oasis International School, Trio World School and Neev Schools. I was the lead in setting up the Montessori program and integrating it with existing curriculums including Calvert and IGCSE at these schools.

After having worked for over a decade I had a strong desire to build an ideal, best-of-class environment to nurture children, managed to exacting standards with no compromises. This led me to establish Kids Prism in Bangalore in June 2014. Additionally I acquired a certification from the Spastic Society of Bangalore to handle children with special needs. My core aim at Kids Prism is to provide an inclusive environment for a child which is both fun and engaging. I have therefore developed an interesting and interactive curriculum that adopts a multi-disciplinary, experiential and activity based approach to learning.

Tell us about Kids Prism

Kids Prism is an international, integrated and inclusive pre-school in HBR layout. We are operating out of a 6000 sq.ft. facility which offers a perfect blend of Montessori, day care and after school activities. One visit to Kids Prism and you will realise what the school is aiming to achieve – to provide a secure and nurturing environment for each child where their journey of exploration and learning can begin in a holistic manner.

Kids Prism is housed in a spacious facility. The bright and vibrant ambiance and the natural light all contribute to the school’s cheerful atmosphere. Every care has been taken to make the environment secure and child-friendly. Attention has been paid to the minutest of detail, such as providing antiskid tiles, squeaky-clean, age-appropriate toilets and lead free apparatus with no sharp edges.

Disha Storytelling Some of the key facilities at the school include:
  • Well equipped Montessori environments
  • Centres based classroom designed alongside the “Jolly Phonics” and “Growing with Mathematics” program
  • Spacious garden and play area with flower beds, sandpit, water play, slides and swings
  • Library and book reading room for cosy story telling sessions
  • Audio-visual rooms for educational viewing
  • Pottery studio for the kids to get their little hands messy
  • Art and craft enclosure to give free reign to the child’s imagination
  • Drama room to live out their fantasies and discover the pleasures of poetry
  • Germination Corner to experience the joy of watching things grow
  • Kitchen to heat home-sent meals
  • Nap room to recharge their batteries
Our keen focus on safety and wellness includes:
  • Dedicated security staff at entry and exit points
  • CCTV cameras in all classrooms and lobby area
  • ID card system of dispersal for children supervised by homeroom teachers
  • Doctor-on-call
What prompted you to set up the organisation?
Kids Prism Logo

Having worked in several primary schools, both low-cost and high cost-models, I realised that low-cost schools work in a factory mode and are unable to provide adequate infrastructure and attention to a child’s growth and development. They end up being more of a day care centre and provide slim learning opportunities for children. On the other hand premium schools are available but those are only catering to high-income families. There was a need and a latent demand for a pre-school which could be both affordable and world class. This was the main trigger.

My intention is to provide an affordable model to parents who value education and environment, both of which are provided at Kids Prism in abundance. We also run a special program for underprivileged kids at nominal fees in which the same quality of education and model is followed. The school also runs an inclusive programme for students with special needs under the spectrum of mild autism. The curriculum and time table is designed to cater to children falling under the above spectrum, providing them with the much needed flexibility.

How did you get involved?

I am the founder of the school and I am responsible for all aspects for its successful running, from conceptualising the model to scouting for the right location and procuring the apparatus. Of course the successful implementation of the curriculum and hiring teachers with the right blend of aptitude and attitude, all of these tasks also fall under my purview.

What is Kids Prism’s mission?

Our immediate goal is to provide parents and children with a perfect blend of Montessori, day care and after school activities. We are looking at closing this admission season with an intake of close to fifty children. With a firm belief that every child is a tiny ray of light waiting to burst into a rainbow of vivid vibrant colours, we are looking at unfurling the vast hidden potential in each child with utmost care and affection.

Our long term goal is to replicate our model of high quality at an affordable fee, across different geographies without compromising on the quality of education and care. We look forward to emerging as the desired destination for children, their parents and for aspiring teachers.

Are you currently running any special initiatives?

During the just concluded summer vacation Kids Prism organised summer camps at no additional cost. These summer camps included pottery, cooking without fire, music and movement, storytelling, aerobics and yoga, origami, tile painting, sand play, water play, theatre, dance, arts and craft, structured games and free play among other exciting activities.

How do you fundraise?

Kids Prism secured its entire funding from internal funds and savings. I personally run the school with the unwavering support of members of my family and friends.

How can others help?

Since Kids Prism is actively providing education to underprivileged and special needs children, we look forward to support from the community. Any member of society who is keen to sponsor a child can contact us and we will ensure that the assistance is utilised in the best possible manner. The child’s guardian will be kept abreast of the progress of the child and can periodically have as many meeting with the faculty and teachers.



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This article was provided by WeAreTheCity Delhi Committee Member Ashish Bhardwaj.
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