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Detox for all Party Lovers! Dr Bhavi Mody

green-456839_1280When the holiday season partying comes to an end, are you left with the dullness that follows overindulgence? Then this would be a good time to incorporate a detox into your diet.

Detoxification is naturally carried out by the body but when you overindulge in food that’s low in nutrients and high on refined carbs, fats and other dietary villains, a whole range of symptoms can manifest, from headaches and fatigue to muscle pain, poor concentration and sluggish metabolism.

Detox diets specifically aim to cleanse and revitalise the body.

Start your day

Start your day with 2 glasses of lime water and lime.This is a really simple way to cleanse the colon the day after the night before. You will also be hydrating the body (most issues of hangovers and tiredness come from dehydration) and reducing the acid within your system. You can spice this drink up with lime, ginger, honey etc.

Have a protein-rich king-size breakfast

The morning after a big meal or party, eating a good breakfast is crucial. Research consistently shows that opting for a high-protein morning meal is key to preventing overeating the rest of the day. That’s because protein fills you up and keeps you satisfied, ultimately reducing your overall calorie intake. Reach for a protein-packed non-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with some juicy fruit like berries or melon; the fruit has the added benefits of bloat-reducing potassium and a high water content to boost hydration.

Another great choice is moong dal chilla with vegetables, or make yourself a banana milk shake in the morning. The banana calms your stomach, while the milk will soothe. The fruit is also rich in electrolytes, magnesium, and potassium – all nutrients that are depleted during heavy drinking. Add a touch of honey to satisfy your sweet tooth — it will build up decreased blood-sugar levels. A low-calorie, protein-rich meal that will re-energise your system.

Enjoy the smaller prince-size

To help combat midday cravings, it’s wise to load up on another dose of protein as well as plenty of vegetables. Non-starchy veggies like broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, and bell peppers are rich in fiber and water, which means they fill you up without filling you out. You should aim to have at least two cups of veggies at lunch, so a colourful salad might be the best way to go. Top it with your preferred protein: cubed tofu, paneer, chickpeas or beans. Dress your greens with a few dashes of olive oil and unlimited plain balsamic vinegar (salty bottled dressings can worsen bloat).

Finish with a pauper dinner

At dinnertime, once again, it’s all about protein and vegetables. Enjoy sprouts or tofu with at least two cups of antioxidant-rich veggies. And if you’re body craves starchy carbs, round out your detox dish with a fist-sized potato or 1/2-1 cup cooked quinoa.

Eat your fruits and veggies

Alcohol flushes vitamins from your body, so now you need to indulge in fruits and vegetables; they will help your body rebound after a long night out.

Say no to salt

Eating salty foods causes you to retain water, since your body holds on to more H2O to dilute the extra sodium. The end result: you feel puffy and bloated, which is the last thing you need post-cocktails and cookies. For the next few days, be extra conscientious and avoid using the salt shaker completely. Opt instead for naturally low–sodium foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, yogurt, and unsalted nuts and seeds to satisfy your hunger and slim your stomach.

Get your potassium up

Potassium is helpful for getting rid of the day-after puff, since this mineral counteracts the bloating effects of sodium. To get your fill of potassium-rich foods, enjoy melon or sliced banana with your yogurt at breakfast, or add plenty of spinach to your chilla or have palak paneer. You can also toss a scoop of beans and beets to your lunch salad, and have a small baked white or sweet potato with dinner. Other potassium-rich foods include lentils, winter squash, tomatoes and citrus fruits. Have coconut water or electral water.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

Proper hydration is always essential, but it’s especially so after a night of indulgence. Drinking ample amounts of flat water helps to flush excess salt and fluid out of your system, aids in digestion, and helps you deflate the puffiness caused by yesterday’s food extravaganza. Plus, if you’re regretting those last few cocktails from the previous night, rehydrating your body will help you recover from a hangover more quickly.

Aim to drink at least two eight ounce cups of plain water before every meal to ensure you’re hydrated. When it comes to water, the more the better, so sip away! Drink, drink, drink! Water, that is. If you do anything for your hangover, drinking water should be #1 on the list. Detox with herbal teas. Drinking herbal teas (like fennel, mint, or chamomile) the morning after a crazy night calms, soothes, and relaxes your stomach. Tea also works wonders on headaches and indigestion, especially when sweetened with honey.

Sweat it out with Exercise

Even though you might not feel like running a marathon, exercise will help rid your body of the toxins that were in all of those cocktails. Increased circulation gets blood and oxygen to where your body needs it most — your brain.

Practice breathing exercises throughout your day. One of the best ways to detox is by clearing toxins out and replacing them with clean, new oxygen. Toxins can gather up within the blood if not being cleared out and can become noxious within the body. Deep breathing exercises help clear those toxins out and nourish the body with oxygen.

Restore the gut flora

That’s right. It’s important to balance the levels of probiotics in your tummy — it will aid in the digestion and metabolism of alcohol. Try yogurt: it tastes great and each spoonful will help you along the road to recovery. You can alternatively take probiotic supplements.

Boost your vitamins

B-vitamins will help metabolise the alcohol and restore energy levels.

Take Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies will assist in the body’s natural cleaning process by stimulating the liver, intestines, kidneys and skin to eliminate toxins from the body. The remedies will improve blood circulation, support healthy weight management, promote healthy energy levels, promote healthy skin, support healthy liver functioning, and above all support healthy immune system resulting into fewer illnesses.

The great thing about homeopathic detox is that it rebuilds and strengthens the immune system and can be incorporated with other regimens without any conflict. The remedies will further promote healing of damaged systems and restore proper functioning to sluggish or overactive systems, so that the body may be restored to a state of balance and health. Use a homeopathic detox for at least threeweeks to promote elimination of toxins through the liver, intestines, kidneys and skin.

BhaviAuthor Bio

Dr Bhavi Mody is a Postgraduate in Homeopathy with a gold medal in the BHMS exam and over 20 years of clinical experience. She is currently the Director of Vrudhi Homeopathic and Wellness Centre, Associate Director of Vrudhi Research Foundation and Edupsyche Pvt Ltd.

Bhavi specialises in providing not just homeopathy to her clients, but has evolved a structured program for providing a ‘light n sweet solution’ to a heavy problem – obesity. Her core USP is women and child care with homeopathy and nutritional support. She believes in ‘A humane approach to holistic healing’.

Dr Bhavi Mody is based in Mumbai but caters to clients all over the globe providing online homeopathic and wellness solutions.

Connect with her at [email protected]


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