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Inspirational Woman: Deesha Sangani | Author & Speaker

Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author. She works in the corporate sector. She is a regular blogger; her blogs have inspired and motivated many. Writing has been Deesha’s passion from her teenage days, but her real discovery for writing came a few years back when she decided to shift her low phase into a life-changing phase by penning down her thoughts, which would help millions of people around the world. Deesha Motivational Speaker
Tell us about yourself?
I am Deesha Sangani (DS), born in Gujarat and raised in the city of garden BengaluruI completed my masters in Human Resource from Symbiosis Centre for distance learning, Pune. I grew up in a very business-minded family.  Since childhood, I’ve had a habit of observing people and listening to them carefully which has helped me to deal with people across different fields & situations.
Currently, I am associated with a corporate organisation in Bengaluru. Apart from being associated with the Corporate MNC and being a writer, I‘m also a motivational speaker. From my daily schedule I barely get four to five hours sleep a night, but I truly believe that we have a lot of time in the future for sleep. The clock is ticking fast and we have very limited time to fulfill our dreams.  My secret to success is: 
‘Do what best you can do today, in fact now’
What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?
I believe that when you follow your passions, there is no challenge in life. Small things are like dust, cleared off and to not let it become dust torrent. You come across lots of situations in life which seem like a challenge but when you are thrown into them, they actually help to bring the best out of you. Sometimes the best result comes out of the worst scenario. My life was never an easy journey, right from my childhood I had to face lot of reality. One thing that I was taught was to take up challenges as learning and shine out. Today I am a motivational speaker and an author but to get to where I am now, I had to go through many different phases of life. I had to face them, accept them and learn a lesson out of each phase . When you see challenges as learning you cross the barriers and become successful.
What has been your greatest achievement personally?
My biggest achievement is that I am able to change people’s lives. Getting emails from readers thanking me for changing their lives is priceless. I remember one of the incidents from my Mumbai event. There was a gentleman who was around 60 years old, he had picked my book and waited for my event to take place. Afterwards, he walked up to me and said,  “Young Angel you have truly inspired me to live my remaining life to fulfill my passion”.
I’m also proud that many of my interviews have been published in various newspapers and aired with quite a few radio channels in the recent past. Not only that, but it is a beautiful feeling when you are told that your debut book has been out of stock much before its release across the globe. In fact, a month before release, it was nominated in the International Book Fair by the publishers. The book has been tagged as the bestseller across the US and Australia and received a lot of praise from across the world.
If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?
I am currently doing what I also wanted to do and I feel fulfilled. I am grateful to the tough phases in my life which have helped in pursuing what I really wanted to do.  Whatever task I took up, I always believed in giving my 100% to it. The 100% becomes fully successful when the task is done wholeheartedly. I have been a part of the corporate world for many years, but never never felt completely happy and always wondered why. It took couple of years to realise that when you do what you’re passionate about, then there is no stopping you.  I do motivational speaking in addition to being an author. So, iI am not doing writing then I will be speaking somewhere.
Who has been your biggest inspiration?
The people whom I meet on a daily basis truly inspire me. Those people who are doing things above and beyond their capacity! I meet lot of them every day and I believe each and every person I meet would inspire me or teach me some lessons in lifeWe are all an inspiration to each other. If you ever observe, or listen carefully for a day, you will realise how inspiring you could be and how inspiring people are around you. My mother has inspired me as everyday there is something that I learn from her and she always tells me, Deesha, never give up, no matter how bad is the situation, you can turn round entire bad situation into good if you have patience, faith and ability to fight back. She is fighter and always wants me to be one!
What does the future hold for you?
I believe the future is for me to reach out to as many people as I can to help them change their lives and help them follow their passion. I will be writing many more books in coming future as I want to reach out to people with my writing and motivational speaking. The future is in our hands and it is created by us. In the future, with my writing, I see a lot of people’s lives getting transformed and if I am able to help people identify their passion and follow their dream then there is nothing more blissful.


Find out more about Deesha by checking out her Facebook, and her website 

Twitter: @deeshasangani
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