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Curing your Home of Negative Chi | Dimple Luniya

roadmirrorAs mentioned in my previous blogs, harmful external poison arrows are all around us. You may be able to see them from your home or office – poison arrows such as construction cranes, hospitals, graveyards, churches with a cross sign pointing at you, power lines etc.

As promised however, I am going to first tell you what we can do to cure our homes which may be in harmful locations.

Uh-ho!! You find y house is at a dead-end, T-junction or another problematic spot, instead of looking up at the sky and saying,”Why God why?”, take a deep breath, calm down and step away from the edge. While you may not be able to do much about where your house is located, you can do a lot to protect yourself from the harmful chi / energy is directed towards you.

To effectively counter the negative chi / energy coming from all these, we can place a convex mirror outside the house or even on the window. Doing so will enable it to deflect the negative energy that radiates towards your house. Convex mirrors are available in most hardware stores.

Some more cures which can be used for buildings facing T, Y and dead end roads are as follows:
  • Build a wall at least 10-15 ft high to protect your home from the rushing chi towards the building. The wall will act as a barrier, stopping or slowing down the harmful chi
  • Plant trees, place large boulders, erect a fence or if possible use an entrance from the other side of the building or house
  • Build a circular water feature in front of the property. Chi slows down and meanders whenever it encounters water. You can also build a small roundabout so that chi will first go around this structure and then enter the building, again slowing it down
  • Last but not the least, place convex mirrors to reflect the chi back

I will be talking about better locations of houses and buildings in my next blog, till then take steps to cure your house if it is in any of the above locations.

Say Chiiiiii……..!!

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