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Culturama November 2014

coverSeventeen years ago, Global Adjustments started the Annual Beautiful India Photo Competition – that year, there were 12 entries in all. Today, around 500 entries are sent in each year, with each image offering an amazing insight into the country. These are the images that we use in Culturama.

The 17th Annual Photo Competition instituted ‘Global Children’ as the special category for this year. It is a beautiful coincidence that India marks Children’s day on November 14 – so we dedicate this month’s issue to all global children, and have a segment dedicated to expat kids who lived in India. The ‘Feature’ this month focuses on the types of stories that form the bedrock of Indian heritage. ‘India Writes’ reviews The Kaavad Tradition of Rajasthan – a book that explores a unique storytelling tradition. And the ‘Seeing India’ segment takes you to Ananda in the Himalayas – a resort where you can heal your body and soul. We hope you enjoy this issue.

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