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Culturama August 2014 | Global Adjustments

CulturamaThe month of August brings with it two reasons for celebrations.

One, the country’s Independence Day, which falls on August 15; and two, the city of Chennai celebrates its 375th birthday on August 22. In lieu of Independence Day, this month’s Culturama magazine present some glimpses of some milestones on India’s path to freedom in ‘The Album of Time’. And since celebrations in India are never complete without food, ‘In Your Kitchen’ provides a special collection of recipes that are based on the tri-colour theme of the Indian flag. To mark the birthday of the southern capital, our ‘Feature’ touches on the founding and development of Madras (as Chennai was formerly known), while ‘Spotlight’ touches on the week-long Madras Week celebrations organised around this landmark occasion.

Join us on an armchair journey through an India which we present to you with pride and insight, month after month!

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Culturama is published by Global Adjustments Services Pvt. Ltd –  a cross-cultural destination services company which helps Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India succeed. Global Adjustments works with expatriate families relocating to India and with Indian business professionals functioning in a global environment.


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