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Culturama – April 2015

culturama-cover April 2015Holy cow! Did you just spot the unique cover of the April issue of Culturama? Yes! That is a cow peeping out from a house!

This special issue is centered on the animal that India reveres as a divine being – the cow. From a look at how and why this tradition came about (in our Feature) to an expat’s sharing of how she was chased by a cow in Delhi (The Lighter Side) to a collection of unique pictures of cows in different aspects of daily life (Picture Story), this issue brings fun and learning to every single page! Moo much, did you say? We think so too!

We hope you enjoy this issue. Send your comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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Culturama is published by Global Adjustments Services Pvt. Ltd – a cross-cultural destination services company which helps Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India succeed. Global Adjustments works with expatriate families relocating to India and with Indian business professionals functioning in a global environment.



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