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Leaving Charminar, Hyderabad By Piya Bose, Girls On the Go

In my solo travels around India, I have experienced many strange reactions. But this one beats them all hands down. At the entrance of the over 400 year-old, stalwart Charminar (Four Towers) in Hyderabad, the security guard looked at me strangely and asked me if I was travelling solo. After...
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Mangoes are Magnificent! | Gunjan Mittal

As the temperature rises, one thing that I think of is mangoes. I love this summer fruit. Apart from being sweet it is a nutrient-packed fruit, extremely rich in minerals, antioxidant vitamins and enzymes. I guess that’s why it’s is called, “king of fruits”. One 100g mango provides: Around 50...
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How to Make a Girl Feel a Part of Your Family | Swathy Murthy

Now that all the wedding excitement and honeymoon period is over, the newly married couple settles into a routine life. But, is it really that routine for the girl who has entered your house? Everything is different for her. Suddenly, she is burdened with the responsibility of impeccable behaviour at...
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