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Can I have it all? Inspirational new book from Anuranijta Kumar

can i have it allWritten by Anuranjita Kumar, a senior woman at Citibank India, ‘Can I Have it All?’ is written as a memoir of the author’s evolving identity. Nuanced, poignant and powerful, it touches upon her struggles in the proverbial corporate jungle, juxtaposed with a heartwarming account of a mother balancing a healthy home and work life. It brings to life the dilemmas and challenges that women face through various stages of their lives such as education, marriage, maternity and mobility, as they aim to make it big in the corporate world.

The career journey of an ordinary woman from a small town in India, ‘Can I have it All?’ is a compelling validation of how one can challenge social norms and stereotypes, around gender, race and other deep-rooted biases. It provides an honest insight to anyone who wishes to understand the elements that formulate parts of one’s leadership journey and lends readers the courage to challenge existing paradigms that create a hindrance in furthering their careers.

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anu kumarAbout Anuranjita Kumar

Anuranjita Kumar is a Managing Director and the Chief Human Resources Officer for Citi South Asia. She began her career with Procter & Gamble in 1994 and joined Citi in 1995. She has held a variety of roles including Senior HR Generalist for Corporate and Investment Banking, Staffing and Development manager in NY and Senior HR advisor for Private Bank in Singapore.

In 2007, Anuranjita was the first South Asian and woman leader to be appointed Head of HR, Global Banking EMEA. During this challenging period, she successfully partnered with the global banking team to turnaround the business bottom-up which resulted in EMEA Corporate and Investment Banking function being recognized as the most improved Corporate and Investment Banking franchise in Europe by Financial News. These achievements and more led to Anuranjita being recognized as an ‘Upcoming South Asia Leadership Talent’ by Asia Networks.

After an exciting stint in Europe, she returned to India in 2012 as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Citi South Asia. Anuranjita is the first woman management committee member at Citi India. She is also on the board of Citi Services India Limited and Citicorp Finance India Limited, Chairperson of the HR Committee at Amcham India, Advisory board member of SHRM India, Member of the South Asia Executive Council Conference Board, Member of CII National Core Committee on Human Resources, Member of the National Human Resources Forum India and the Citi business champion for American India Foundation. She has also been recognised as amongst the ‘Most Powerful HR Professionals of India’, by the World HRD Congress in 2012 and amongst the ‘Most Powerful Woman Leaders’ by Fortune in 2013.

Anuranjita is a management graduate of XLRI, specialising in Human Resources. She attended Welhams Girls School and is a gold medalist and topper in industrial psychology from Delhi University. Anuranjita is also a certified diver and has explored some of the best known diving sites globally. She is keenly involved in volunteering with underprivileged children and enjoys spending time with her family which is based in Gurgaon as well as in reading and travelling.

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