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Biz Divas Mentoring Leadership Program

Accelerate your Top Women Talent!

b6c61161-7862-4d94-9853-63fc56d10b9bYou are a fast track, ambitious & career oriented woman. You are inspired, passionate and committed towards your career.

But in the heart of your hearts, you know your are stuck in the career maze. And you don’t know the way out, or what to do, whom to talk to. The problem is most women don’t move past the glass ceining. Its not a surprise that less than 7% of women are on the Boards of India Inc. It’s a challenge for most women to break the ceiling and move to next leadership level.

Just IMAGINE there was a platform where you could connect with such a person

Who could mentor you, guide you and knows what it takes for you to be successful?

The MENTOR knows what it takes to build a successful career inside and out – with

  • Clear goals
  • Right moves
  • Influential circles
  • Strong executive presence
  • Strategic guidance

How would you like to have the excusive privilege of one on one with successful CXOs, get an access to their network and be part of Inner Circle of influential Women Leaders?

All this can be achieved at BIZ DIVAS Mentoring Leadership program.

What do you get for joining the program?

  • Exclusive Access to a mentor
  • Coaching session with a CXO coach
  • Webinars with global leaders
  • Cross Industry Networking opportunities
  • Career boost tips and tools.

And on top of it all,

  • A LIFE TIME Membership to Biz Divas Alumni of more than 2000 women leaders across the region.

Biz Divas is Asia’s leading Women Advancement Organisation which has won “LEADERSHIP in MENTORING” Award by none other than Hillary Clinton, Bank of America and Vital Voices.

Does this sound exciting? Do you want to be part of this inner circle?

You can apply for the Quarter 1, 2016 batch by following these simple steps.
The last date for applications for quarter 1 is February 15, 2016

  • Send your brief profile of not more than 500 words
  • Along with Statement of Purpose to [email protected]
  • Once shortlisted, you will be contacted for an online meeting with Program Manager.
  • After receiving the program fees, you would be accepted into the program.
  • For more details, please write in to [email protected]
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