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Beauty in Diversity | Ashu Khanna

Unknown-3“The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great and the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.” Johannes Kepler

Walking in the garden I was marveling at nature’s miracle in creating different color flowers, leaves and butterflies. There are trees for shade and grass to lie down, a gentle breeze and fragrances all around. The sound of birds chirping and the rustle of leaves are calming and the smell of the mud after the first rain shower is invigorating. I can spend hours just observing, enjoying and learning from nature. The attention to detail and the level of diversity is astounding.

I am humbled just looking in awe at the expansiveness. And there is so much more under water and in other parts of the earth and universe that is beyond description and unknown.

Similarly, there is amazing diversity in human beings. Our basic nature is the same, yet each person is different from another. Every person’s thinking, emotions, circumstances, physical attributes, skills and personality are different. Even twins may share the same physical features but are different personalities.

Unknown-2Recently, I was asked why are people so emotional. I believe we are able to enjoy the world and learn only when there are different perspectives, passions, beliefs, desires and intelligences. Our emotions keep us engaged in the world and keep the cycle of life alive through relationships. After all, we enjoy a book or a movie that has thrill, action, drama, comedy, romance or suspense. Documentaries keep us enthralled to the point of learning something new that may trigger an inspiration or address a passion, but then we look for more.

Learning occurs when we encounter different people, circumstances and emotions. I remember during school days our class was shuffled regularly. We no doubt groaned about the change, however, it enabled us to learn to make new friends, stretched our ability to get along with different personalities and made us adaptable. I am passionate about coaching because every inter-action is unique and unpredictable. It stretches me at all times to learn and there is never a dull moment in life.

I am humbled just looking in awe at the expansiveness. And there is so much more under water and in other parts of the earth and universe that is beyond description and unknown.

Human beings seek to give and receive love, in different forms such as recognition, success, power, knowledge sharing etc. We are social beings and to stay connected in the world we need to adapt to people. For effective inter-personal relationships, we need to be aware of ourselves and understand our audience and what they are looking for. Influencing, conflict management and collaboration, all these require awareness and flexibility. These inter-actions become instrumental in our evolution as human beings.

I have been part of a group for the last few years, where the mantra is diversity. I had got so used to being around a certain type of people that I found it difficult to communicate effectively. With time, I realised that I had stopped using the power of observation and appreciation and was resisting the stretch. It has been a phenomenal experience. Now, I enjoy being with the group and have learnt to look at people from their lens. To observe, I had to remain silent and in that silence I was able to see people for their goodness, see their dreams and their humanity and understand the impact of my humanness. To be understood, I first had to learn to understand.

Unknown-4When we interact with nature, we have to silently observe to study the behaviour pattern. My family is very passionate about wildlife photography and to get a good picture they need to sit quietly for hours and be in tune with nature. Capturing a unique or perfect photograph requires patience and the ability to be present in the moment. The play of light and the colours of trees and grass need to be balanced with the animal. One is able to do so only when there is true appreciation and joy for the beauty in diversity.  Similarly, we can capture several joyous moments in our life if we tune in with others and appreciate the differences.

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.” Ola Joseph

About Ashu Khanna

Ashu is a transformational leadership coach. She partners with senior executives to create a higher vision and achieve holistic success. She is the author of the book, ‘I Am Freedom.’

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