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AWE: An Exhibition of Paintings by Artist Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman

This AWEsome world represents my take on the beauty of our world representing Air Water Earth.

Kiran painting
AWEsomeness of this world has a history of its own. I always wanted to paint. I loved dabbing in colours during school in India. In my late teens I briefly got interested in Batik. Many years went by later in Geneva, but lack of time, a busy work schedule and then marriage and children kept me from this hobby.Kiran E-mailer
Then I was posted to Delhi. I kept saying that I wanted to take up painting, but I wanted to experiment in a new medium for me, acrylic. I found a mentor in artist and teacher Seema Pandey to advise me, to help me experiment, to give me that confidence I needed with this new exciting medium and hobby.
So, I painted weekends mostly when I was not at official events or travelling. I pulled out many photographs of our holidays around the world and decided to be inspired by them, and many other totally anonymous ones.
My first real painting in this period was one of boats – my husband loves boats – it was beautiful for me. So the adventure began and continued. I painted what I did by pure accident, choosing themes that I was attracted to.

I did not have any particular genre in mind. I just wanted to paint. Then someone remarked one day that I must love water and rain because I brought in water or hints of water into most of my works. I had not realised that but it certainly is true. And here we are today.
Please join me in the culmination of this adventure, sharing my vision of the world.

You can find the general and contact details for the event here over on our event’s calendar.

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