Gunjan Mittal

Go for a glowing skin this festival season! | Gunjan Mittal

Who doesn’t want amazing glowing skin, especially as we prepare for the festive season. However, with our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules we are generally more casual with taking care of our skin. This causes issues like acne, pigmentation and dry patches etc. As we get close to the time...
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Mangoes are Magnificent! | Gunjan Mittal

As the temperature rises, one thing that I think of is mangoes. I love this summer fruit. Apart from being sweet it is a nutrient-packed fruit, extremely rich in minerals, antioxidant vitamins and enzymes. I guess that’s why it’s is called, “king of fruits”. One 100g mango provides: Around 50...
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Summer Skin Care Tips | Gunjan Mittal

As the sun gets brighter and temperatures rise, we have to be more careful about our skin. Dangers of over-exposure to the sun Sun exposure is important to our body as it’s a key source to Vitamin D. Sun exposure in moderation is good, however, more than 15 minutes before...
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Do it yourself hair care packs | Gunjan Mittal

Hair is one of the most important part of a women’s beauty and we constantly keep damaging our hair by using heat, chemicals and hair treatments. There are things we can do at home to reverse the damage that we cause on a daily basis. Apart from regular hair massages...
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Benefits of Rose Water | Gunjan Mittal

When I was growing up, if I ever had a skin problem, my mother would always tell me to spray some rose water on my face. It’s something that I have grown up with.  It’s a natural miracle product! It works like a cleanse, toner, astringent and moisturiser. Rose water...
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Benefits of Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth | Gunjan Mittal

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is a clay that has healing properties and fights against acne and blemishes. It was originally used in the wool industry as an absorbent. It is rich in magnesium chloride which helps reduce acne. Since centuries, multani mitti has been used by women especially in the Asian continent for a glowing flawless skin. It can...
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