Bhavi Mody

Have a Happy Eco Holi!

Let’s work towards a Safe and Eco- Friendly Holi! HOLI HAI………… RANG BARSE……. BUT NO BHEEGI CHUNARVALI…. SAVE WATER. GO GREEN THIS HOLI Holi tips! Use natural, herbal and skin friendly colours. You can make them at home too. Flowers are wonderful – a floral holi would be an innovative...
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Detox for all Party Lovers! Dr Bhavi Mody

When the holiday season partying comes to an end, are you left with the dullness that follows overindulgence? Then this would be a good time to incorporate a detox into your diet. Detoxification is naturally carried out by the body but when you overindulge in food that’s low in nutrients...
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Look Your Best for the Festive Season!

Tips to help you shine in the dance floor by eating well! My best advice is do not skip your meals! Don’t follow the feasting or fasting strategy. Skipping meals leads to snacking on sweets, farsan and leftover food. Eat 5-6 small meals instead of 2-3 large meals. Eat home...
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Festive Flavours to Keep Out the Cold | Dr Bhavi Mody

Come winter and the market is flooded with colourful vegetables and fruits. The variety that yiu find in winter is like no other. Though nowadays with technology at its peak we do find things all throughout the year, but nothing beats the taste of seasonal food. Think about it why...
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