Archanna Balaji

To be or not to be ….a parent | Archana Balaji

I still remember a couple of months into marriage, neighbors and relatives would call upon my family to check if I was pregnant, due to the firm belief that its good to be mother early. Subsequent to being a parent and not so long back, I was asked, “don’t you...
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Parenting, my way! | By Archana Balaji

In the words of Bruno Bettelheim, “Raising children is a creative endeavor, an art rather than a science”. These are very inspiring words, but “art” yes, it is indeed! Parenting has no right or wrong way; it’s just “my way”. My motherhood journey began more than 11 years ago when my daughter...
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How I was introduced to blogging! | Archanna Balaji

It all began with me coming across WeAreTheCity India website. On a whim, I became a member and little did I know that I was to embark on a journey of blogging. In my school and college days, I was passionate about writing. This passion later dwindled and was lost...
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Oh Womaniya! | Archanna Balaji

Since my growing years I have heard about men keeping down women and society not allowing equal opportunity to the women. It’s common to hear about male bonding but woman bonding? In all my corporate experience I have yet to hear about or experience woman bonding with longevity. Ever wondered...
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I’ve Got Mail! | Archanna Balaji

Communicate unto other people; that which you would want others to communicate unto you! For me, this adage has lot of meaning to it. These days it is very difficult to think of anyone who does not use emails at work. E-communication has become a part of our day-to-day business....
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Thoughts from a Full Time Working Mother | Archanna Balaji

Although with due deliberation I embarked on the journey of being mother, nothing could have prepared me for what I had in store. This in spite of having witnessed my mother, who too was a working woman (meaning she held a job apart from working at home), bring up three...
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