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An Angelic Intervention | Ravleen Sethi


An Angelic Intervention

Life goes on, with its casual monotone.

One fine dark night, a surprise disturbs the chrome.

An angel walks in, full of kindness

Took the life into a dome of fullness.

Unaware of such an existence, life got used to it.

The angel kept reminding, I am for a little bit

Not for keeps, I can’t stay forever.

Life kept forgetting, while the angel was there.

Then the day came, when the angel had to leave

It served a notice, to the life bereave

The notice was difficult, the aftermath harrowing

The memories of the angel on the soul kept deepening

Life goes on, the beauty of the angel seen from afar still intact.

It keeps on inspiring life, with all its tact.

Each passing day, it looks more beautiful

With each passing night it feels more plentiful

Until one day, life gives in to death and unites with its angel.

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