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A Flower in the Desert: Strength of a Woman | Veechi Shahi

Veechi's Flowering The Feminine

Veechi's Flowering The FeminineBridging gender diversity at the workplace is not as pressing a problem as it used to be. The focus has now moved to gender identity – which for women can be described as a woman’s private sense and subjective experience of another woman. Researchers emphasise that the need of the hour is to have organisational initiatives that encourage women to identify positively with their gender identity in the workplace — not to be wary of helping other women succeed. So while much noise is being made about women vs men at work, it is perhaps more important to see how women connect with women.
In a corporate world, it can often feel like it is every woman for herself. A lack of camaraderie can sometimes be visible as women reserve their support for another woman. It is time to look deeper into collective women conditionings and break free from limitations, judgements and expectations.

The Essence of a Woman: The Unconditional Giver

The female is the source of life. God’s creativity rests in her womb. Masked under soft faces and eyes, femininity wields great power. A determined woman is a force to reckon with. However her giving nature often gives away too much. She been conditioned to believe. A good woman should love and support her man unconditionally, part with and sacrifice her position in society. She has proudly donned the role of the giver, sometimes so dearly that she has forgotten herself in satisfying the man.

Beauty is the Beast: Looking Beyond Looks

Even today, a woman is seen and judged by the way she looks. The pressure towards looking beautiful at all times is so great and relentless that more women hate rather than love themselves because of the way they look. Their goodness does not matter; talent does not matter, only looks do. More than five million tweets last year were about beauty and body image – all by women.

The Sisterhood of No Support: Women for Women

Do women support other women? Or do they see each other as a competitor and are furtively looking for the chance to let the other down? Consumed by their insecurities, women compete with each other, creating a weakness in society and a gap to fill in negativity which often leads to higher objectification of themselves.

How about a change? How about using our wonderful supportive powers for each other? Let us remind ourselves of who we are as individuals, complete and beautiful in all our strengths and weaknesses. Let us strengthen our cores so that we can strengthen other women. Rise above the conditioning of suppressed culture and motivate each other. Let us embrace our true selves and emerge as fulfilled women, growing under the care of each other.

Breaking the Cocoon

When you love yourself, everything in your life starts changing. People around you see you in a different light because you see yourself differently. All facets of life rooted in you begin to change – partner relationships, family, friends, business associates and even the larger society. By going beyond conditioned conflicting thoughts, you experience liberation and yet come back home to your deeper self.

With female empowerment close to my heart, I work with women looking to step into their power, strength and potential. I coach them to rediscover the fine balance of softness and power, fortitude and fear, little-girl insecurities and wisdom, in turn balancing life naturally and simply. Tuned into the playfulness of women, de-stressing experiences through healing, meditation and celebration, energise your inner strength, wisdom and intuition, leading you to embrace your creativity, sexuality and pragmatism. And then to finally celebrate women’s existence in every moment. A true celebration.

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