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50 Tips for Networking at Events


Free-Networking-at-Events-eBookAre you a good networker? Do you know how to network effectively at events and for your career?

Knowing how to network confidently is a valuable skill in today’s working world and can be the key to your success which is why we’ve teamed up with career experts and networking specialists at Position Ignition, to offer you a free copy of their 50 Tips for Networking at Events eBook.

Position Ignition is one of the UK’s leading career companies. They have published over a dozen eBooks across a range of different career issues, they run live webinars and offer learning on-demand to boost people in their careers and their one to one personal career support helps people get to the next step in their career journey whether it’s finding a new job, making a new connection, changing career direction or becoming CEO.

In this 50 Tips for Networking at Events eBook, find out what it takes to:
  • Prepare for networking events
  • Target key people and connections
  • Create strong and long-lasting relationships
  • Harness your network effectively

Get your free copy of this fantastic networking eBook now.

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