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28/02/2015: Progressive Theatre Groups | A perfect couple | The Canvas Laugh Club

Two Men. Divorced. One Couple?

a perfect couple castWhat happens when two divorced men come under one-roof? They become better, they help the other? No! *hics* This is just the beginning…

Canvas Laugh Club brings to you Progressive Theatre Groups – ‘A Perfect Couple’ which depicts this modern day usual scenario in a rather kitschy way. A black- satire on the daily rituals of every household with one being intolerant towards the other, but in this case it’s two divorced men! One suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder while the other, a lackadaisical couch potato. Compassion and sympathy are remote feelings for the other; clearly not to be found! Things are already sour between the otherwise ‘perfect couple’ when two ladies enter the scene and make matters abominable.

Acclaimed writer and director of this satirical dark-comedy, Rashmi Sharma is ecstatic to witness the audience’s reactions, “My heart is pumping really fast, as we speak and I am sure it will be pumping ten times faster during the show at Canvas Laugh Club”

With a theatre career spanning 20 years theatre veteran and founder of Progressive Theatre Group – Rashmi Sharma, has been a contributor to many acclaimed shows like ‘Tu-Tu Main-Main’ previously on Star Plus and ‘Raja-Rancho’ on Doordarshan to name a few. She is raring to add more accolades to her kitty!

Realisations and Introspections are finding their pathway to these men, but will they? Won’t they? A ‘perfect couple’ being a dark comedy makes you laugh till your gut hurts, quite literally! It also puts you in a zone of self-realisation and self-abasement.

To see whether The Perfect Couple are really that ‘perfect’ head to Canvas Laugh Club! *hics*

Artists: Aadityaraj, Eshaan Sharma, Sajjad Rizvan, Sadiq Abbas Rizvi, Abhishek Sharma, Jyoti Somaya, Reshma Kotian

When: February 28th, 2015

Timings: 6.00 PM

Price: Rs. 500

Where: Canvas Laugh Club, 3rd Floor, Palladium Mall, High Street Phoenix, Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Contact: 02243485000

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