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17/04/2015 – Biz Divas I Inspire

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Inclusion Stars with II Inspire 2015, an annual inclusive leadership conference, aims to be a confluence of ideas, a convergence of thoughts and celebration of the spirit of diversity and leadership. Biz Divas believes in learning from each other and moving forward by collaborating together.

This event seeks to open doors for women to ensure a positive impact in their work lives. It is an opportunity to meet women leaders as they share their inspiring thoughts, practices and success stories. I inspire is a platform to engage in a rich dialogue with dynamic women, industry experts, professionals, leaders, role models and future mentors. It is a place for exchange of ideas, networking and brainstorming with some of the finest minds in India.

Biz Divas provides a platform for the women of our region to come together and raise a common voice for promoting women leadership across all walks of life. We identify invest and bring visibility to extraordinary women in business, corporates and public leadership.

Biz Divas’ goal is to provide a platform for women of our region to collaborate to:

  • be educated, inspired and connected
  • learn how to impact change for themselves, their communities and the world
  • inspire women’s leadership

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