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13/02/2015: Rise Up

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imageIt’s time for celebration!

13 – 14 Feb 2015
From 5pm

Emaar MGF Boulder Hills, Khajaguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
There is nothing like the experience of colouring the sky and enjoying a beautiful evening with your loved ones. Here is a fabulous event, which is celebrated with gorgeous sky lanterns that displays glittering lights in the ocean of darkness, up on the sky. The release of a lantern will symbolise the hopes, dreams and wishes of good luck.

The venue

Emaar MGF Boulder Hills, Gachibowli will surround with serenity and is far from bustling city.

With the lanterns set to light the sky up, we are inviting you to be a part of visual treat of an amazing sight. This lantern festival is one of a kind, which creates beautiful memories to remember for long. As your lantern afloat in the sky, spreading its light, make your wish.

Entry Pass Last Day: Feb 12, 2015 Entry ticket with one hand made lantern by women (beedi workers), two regular lanterns for men or one regular lantern, a floral tiara for women and reserved seat for a 45 mins drum circle session (men) Rs.1,500.00

Entry Pass Last Day: Feb 12, 2015: Entry ticket with two lanterns (male) / Entry ticket with one lantern and one floral tiara (female) Rs. 500.00

Entry Pass Last Day: Feb 14, 2015: Entry ticket to the carnival Rs. 150.00

Kids Entry Last Day: Feb 14, 2015: Age Below 13 Rs. 100.00

Dslr Camera Last Day: Feb 14, 2015: DSLR registration (If you are carrying your own camera) Rs. 300.00

Photograph Last Day: Feb 14, 2015: To get a Photograph captured with a lantern by our Professional Photographers Rs. 250.00

For registrations and more information about the event, visit the site here

For any enquiries about the event, contact Shankar at +91 9700055515

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