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12/3/2015 – Massive Vibe Live

masive vibe live
Massive Vibe Live Event
International concert for empowerment

Imagine coming to one show and being changed forever…This is Massive Vibe Live! A global music production enlivening the power to benefit all, performing at the Blue Frog on 12 March.

Produced by and with lyrics from Candice Feinberg, the Massive Vibe Live blends new and ancient music scenes with striking visuals and dance in a ground-breaking performance that evokes the power to benefit all, showing each person that they are a being made of awesome!

Renowned artists from around the world passionate about music for social change feature in the line-up, including the Right Band, Victoria Grebezs and the 10 million YouTube hit phenomenon, Hang Massive.

Candice Feinberg, Executive Producer says: “This is a concert that evokes in each who take part complete empowerment. People everywhere are sharing with each other the increasing power to speak up, to stand up with ease and stability, drawing on complete empowerment of beneficial gifts, strengths and talents, each one of us unique. The Massive Vibe Live makes beneficial power obvious.”

Just show up, listen and enjoy—and Massive Vibe Live ignites your beneficial potency.

Massive Vibe Live! is an international collective of renowned performers, musicians and visual artists bringing beneficial grassroots social change through lyrics and music that speak up for each individual’s power to be of great benefit. The 2015 tour will see concerts in Goa, Mumbai, Bristol, New York, London and Rio. The live broadcasts will be also available online.

Book your place now – www.massivevibe.com/tickets

For photo opportunities and interviews with all artists
Lizzie Keates | T: 9075173143 | E: [email protected] | www.massivevibe.com

For more information visit:

Join the Massive Vibe Live Ash Facebook Event:

The latest Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i91CeoIgyg

Big Up Shine! from the Right Band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI5wEGklXbQ

Twitter: @massivevibelive

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/massivevibe

The Artists

Candice Feinberg aka Queen Be

Producer, lyricist, choreographer, human and environmental rights activist. Candice has dedicated her life to bringing about beneficial change in the world, so all people can know and make use of their innate beneficial potency.

The Right Band

7-piece band from the heart with nothing held back, off-beat, reggae, ska, spoken-word brewed in primordial sound. Led by front man John Wright, backed up by a heavy weight collective of bass, rhythm, drums, harmonica, melodica, percussion and drums. High-octane benefit creators! www.therightband.org

Hang Massive

With over 10 million views on You Tube, Hang Massive have established themselves as the world’s leading hang duo. Bringing magnetising global beats, musical composition and communication rooted in and dedicated to the benefit of all beings. http://hangmusic.com/music/


Graceful and powerful, Victoria sweeps up contemporary, world and electronic sounds. Fiercely beautiful vocals gift pure soul and unstoppable heart to the Massive Vibe Live! Show.


Epic and sublime, Silvertortoise’s spontaneous piano mastery pours forth inexpressible musical magic with a life of its own. www.silvertortoisemusic.com

Craig R.Ninja

Bristol-formed, globally touring, all-centred lyricist and poet, host of the Massive Vibe Live! Craig R.Ninja’s exceptional style draws together the flow of performers and audience into this great show of real wisdom magic.

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