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10/04/2015 – Ambika – A poignant reflection on being a woman



A poignant reflection on being a Woman

NCPA Theatre, Mumbai

10 April 2015

Ambika is the story of three women and their dilemma and confusions from being raised in a patriarchal society. Ambika takes you to places we typically hesitate to go to. It asks questions on expectations, self-worth, desires and aspirations in a dichotomous world that talks about empowerment and leadership of women, but does little to prepare them for it.

Ambika – a journey you must take to ask, seek and find…

Produced by Leogirl Productions – a unique theatre production house that focuses on thought-provoking, change inducing drama.

To register, email your name, designation, organisation details and contact number to L&OD_Roundtable. Seats for Ambika are limited and will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. You will receive an email confirmation from the L&OD Roundtable if your registration request is confirmed.

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