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05/04/2015 – Fusion | Delhi

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Sliver liningA Face to Face Social Network event for Promoting Inclusion & Mainstreaming For People With and Without Disabilities.

Sunday, 5th April is the date of the next Fusion event which will give you opportunities to win exciting prizes, take away surprise gifts, exhibit your talent and the chance to meet your best friend, employer or even your soul mate, while you are busy having a great time! We look forward to seeing all of you there, to motivate and support each other and rock on!

The venue is completely accessible to all.

The programme is planned as below:
  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Open Debate Competition. ‘Topic is, What Is Love?’
  • On The Spot Acting Competition . ‘Situations will be pulled out of the box!’
  • Passing The Parcel.
  • Fashion Show: (Please dress in the height of fashion… for this just may be your big chance to show off your fashionable clothes, which stay in hiding most of the time!)



Those who send us their names for participation in the competitions, in advance over mail or phone will be given Early Bird prizes! You may also choose to participate on the spot, you still may become one of the winners!

We assure you of an exciting fun filled afternoon for only Rs. 100/ for refreshments per head!

About Fusion:

FUSION has been launched to create a platform where people with and without disabilities, are being invited and encouraged, to come together at regular intervals, to form friendships, partnerships and relationships. Fusion will provide an opportunity for both worlds to bridge the existing gap between the two worlds and help each of the groups to appreciate as well as value one another as co-citizens, sharing and caring for the society in tandem!

Formation of the Fusion forum is one more of our humble efforts to foster inclusion of people with disabilities into mainstream society. Our aim is to create a forum which enables all members to share views, skills and talents in an informal environment; to promote mutual appreciation, value and comradeship. Via Fusion, we envisage to effectively bring about a positive change in mindsets and attitudes towards disability, as we go along!
Each disabled / non disabled member is encouraged to bring along a friend /relation /colleague; this is how we begin the snowballing effect. Preeti Monga will be present in the role of a subtle moderator at the Fusion programmes; guiding and ensuring the activities and projects are going in the intended direction.

We envision a great number of opportunities sprouting from the forum; like, social groups working for social causes, friendly social outings, opportunities to appreciate mutual abilities and talents, employment related opportunities, raising awareness in mainstream society, getting automatically drawn into social and community programmes, leisure and fun activities plus maybe a chance at matrimony as well!

For your participation, Preeti Monga – Chief Executive Officer, Silver Linings: [email protected] /[email protected]

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