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Inspirational Woman: Preeti Thaker Arora | Founder of The People’s Place

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Preeti is an Artist and she makes original Cosmic and Subliminal paintings which have a deep meditational impact on people’s lives. A lot of her work has been appreciated by people all around the globe. She is also also the first and the only artist encouraging and promoting rural artists in India. Her paintings are a true blend of class and quality which adds colour and happiness in people’s lives. She donates 50% of her income to Orphanages, physically impaired, abandoned children, Cancer patients.

She Received the “Most Outstanding Woman for Social Work” 2017 conducted by “FEMINA” in conjunction with World HRD Congress.


Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

I was born and brought up in Baroda Gujarat which has a vibrant history of Art and Architecture. I am an Artist and a social Entrepreneur. Founder of the company called “The People’s Place” which commenced its 1st apparel store way back in 2005. I moved to Malaysia thereafter to pursue my corporate career for over 5ys..and retired in the capacity of “The Director Of Operations” as I returned to India to pursue my passion for Art. I donate 50% of the proceeds to charity, through selling my paintings.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

Currently I am focussing more on promoting my Art in various countries and have a few projects which I will soon talk about as I make progress towards making a few important decisions on execution and implementation of the same.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

The greatest challenge for me was when i moved to Malaysia, accept new culture, people and food and also in this selfish and mean world i have managed to maintain the goodness inside me. I am thankful to god almighty to give me enough strength and courage to be a good human being and do the good work selflessly. I do not expect anything in return from anybody.  Guess that is the biggest challenge for any human being.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

I recently won “The World Women Leadership Award organised by “The Times Of India” which is the biggest achievement for me personally. Nothing makes you feel better than the recognition, appreciation and the acknowledgement you get for the work you do.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I would have been pursuing my corporate career.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is my mother to me who always supported me in everything I wanted to do. And also my husband Sandeep who has always been by my side. Both my mother and my husband constantly encourage me, and this helps me a lot.

What does the future hold for you?

Only time will tell… I like to stay focused on what I want to achieve and I strive hard to achieve it without getting distracted. I  make sure I define my goals, and then make an action plan and act on. I always believe that hard work leads to success so that future is very bright indeed.




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