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Making a Difference: Amy Houghton – Mumbai Mum

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annabelle-and-ariaAmy is a first time mum to Annabelle who was born in April 2013 in Mumbai. Amy felt the level of information available for expat mums in the city was a little limited so she set up a blog and network, Mumbai Mum. On her blog she recounts her trials of raising a child and what it’s like to do so as an expat in India. She helps to arrange mum and baby groups and coffee mornings.

Amy was born and raised overseas, mostly in Africa but also in South America. As an adult Amy lived in Hong Kong where she met her husband. They moved to Bombay in November 2011 and have settled in Bandra.

Although Amy holds a degree in Physics and Astro-Physics she is more interested in maternal health and well-being. She hopes to retrain as a midwife in the near future. In her spare time, Amy works with local NGO, Foundation for Mother and Child Health.




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