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Keerthi Pandian | Artist

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Keerthi Pandian
After my undergrad, I worked in my father’s company and started a Distribution company in Singapore. For five years, successfully the company has released over 100 feature films. I parallelly did not let go of my dream to be an actor. I trained in acting schools and other art forms to build my skills but never was able to put my 100% as I was taking care of business. A decision I took last year, I started doing theatre. Since Jan ’17 I have performed in 12 plays and have been very selectively acting in short films and music videos. I believe as an actor, you have a MAJOR responsibility as to what you bring to the people who are watching you. You are responsible for a majority of their actions in real life. I’m struggling to get an opportunity to act in features because I am THIN (I’m made like that, I’d penance to gain weight), because of my colour and I am not willing to be objectified. These, are the very reasons as to why I have chosen to charge towards my dream with full throttle now. Somehow in our industry, all of this is a problem for a “woman”. The gender bias is only increasing by the day. I’m working towards bringing a change with the biggest platform seen by majority of the world, and my 5 years of business knowledge is definitely going help me take decisions supporting this. I have just started and I do not see a stop.


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