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Inspirational Woman: Biji Tushar | Managements me…Insights for a lifetime

Wow, 27,730 of you have read this.

Biji Tushar is a Dynamic & Charismatic Personality, a great Orator who has the power to change perspectives. Her motivating and inspiring speeches have, not only influenced but tBiji ouched the lives of millions. To her credit she has 123 successful workshops & 8 full day seminars on various topics, inspiring all to live life to the fullest with the mantra “Our thoughts Shape Our Future”  As a Successful Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Effective Trainer & a warm, loving & genuine Counselor & Psychotherapist, she is indeed a Life Coach who knows her purpose and is enjoying life’s journey in service to humanity. In 2009, she started “Management Me……Insights for a lifetime” which is into the business of SERVICE & HOPE, selling dreams in schools, colleges, corporates and anyone interested in self-development, by Personality Profiling, Training and Life coaching. The noble intent behind this is “Touching Hearts & Helping People Lead better lives.”

Tell us about yourself.

I ,Life Designer Biji Tushar was the 4th child amongst five, one boy and four girls. I always teased my parents for propagating the thought- Try Try till you succeed as my brother was the youngest. I was a very naughty (and still am!), hyperactive, & rebellious tomboy. Always a leader, I stood up for my friends and family and was ever-ready to take responsibility. Since a child I connected to nature and you would always find me on heights-literately as well as figuratively. I would always be climbing trees or sitting on the terrace doing my homework. I was always a first class student who never completed her papers till graduation. I loved to read books –I was exposed to reading in the St. Michael’s Church- Vasai near which I stayed. As an active student member of the church and Nirmala convent, I developed great belief in Christian Values and practiced the same. When I was in Xth std we shifted to Borivali but I still continued my education at St. Anthony”s Convent. Later on I joined Sophia College for Women, completed my graduation at Mithibai College and B.Ed from Khapila Khandvala College of Education. My Mother gave top priority to education and always wanted us to be financially Independent. So I earned my first salary of Rs.100/- for a month, taking tuition’s. Thus I funded my own education since standard 12th.I haven’t looked back since then. I  got a job on my own merits –without giving bribe or using influence. I never wanted to be a burden to my parents so I wanted to earn as soon as possible. Fortunately, I got a job as a teacher at Vivek Vidyalaya based on my beliefs. It reinforced my belief that the world still has good people who have strong values. Vivek Vidyalaya had great stalwarts promoting value based education and I enjoyed every moment of my time with the flowers of vivek as I fondly called them. The children became my world and I did all that I could to allow them to be their best self. Providing opportunities & training them to showcase their talents on various forums became my sole mission. I was very contented with my work.

One afternoon, I realised that the children needed to be supported on a psychological level. Rarely do they find answers to questions related to friendships, breakups, family problems, sibling rivalry, coping with peer pressure, overcoming temptations etc. I realised I could do something. I took up Psychotherapy and my life changed. I became wiser and began seeing life as an opportunity.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

As an educator for 26yrs, my work with teenagers has given me an understanding of the way their mind works and the tremendous creativity they have. I can understand the pulse of a child and know the underlying problems that a child faces. Many a time when parents bring their children to counseling, I have had to make them realise that the child has no problem and that the Phantom problem is because of the relationship issues of incompatibility between the parents. At times there have been cases of communication problems, learning disabilities, personality disorders and the like. What I have realised is that 3As solve 50% of the issues; -Acknowledgement, Appreciation & Unconditional Acceptance.

Since I had the opportunity of being at close quarters with the kids I could relate to them and my natural interest in people brought me closer to them and many students felt me to be very approachable, so much so that they would share their personal feelings and problems with me. This motivated me to understand better. I decided to be on a journey of empowering people. I researched and studied DMIT-Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test and fell in love with it. I realised its immense value for understanding individuals of all age groups and guiding them to live a fulfilled life.

Later on I studied Psychometrics for career counselling and realised that this tool was what gave me a better understanding about why people behave the way they do. I was greatly impressed by FITS test a tool devised by Psychologist Carl Yung which identifies the 4 inherent Personality styles that each individual possess. I understood myself better and became more forgiving and Non- judgmental. I was less harsh on myself. The best thing that happened to me was that I started accepting people as they are and my relationships improved.

Currently I play a dual Role- one as a Vice Principal and second as a Life Designer at Management Me.. Insights for a life time. This is a dream that I coming true. I have conducted 127 workshops & 8 Seminars on various topics under the banner of Mgmnt Me and am looking forward to opportunities for empowering more Individuals. I believe this is my purpose and I wish to leave a mark in this world. I believe that life is Beautiful and we should live every moment to its fullest! I propagate this in my various workshops and seminars.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

I have launched 2 new courses, apart from Managemnent Me basic & advanced courses. They are:

1: Train the teener – The only programme for training teenagers to become better speakers & confident individuals before they get into the mainstream. A 7 day course spread over four months.

2: Get set go – A Personal Coaching course designed to help individuals in their journey from where they are to where they want to be. A seven session course, spanning over 3-6 months, depending on the individual.

I am also on a mission of creating awareness about Multiple Intelligence and utilising the knowledge for improving the academic achievement of children as well as enhancing their Personal Effectiveness, Enabling Teachers to understand Learning Style & Type and thus develop instructional material & curriculum accordingly. My Book ‘ASPIRE TO INSPIRE-Volume 1-Shhh! Listen the Universe Speaks!!’ will be launched on 10th November at St.Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra(W).

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?Biji

My own thoughts, words and beliefs were my challenges. Being married to a joint family and an Inter caste marriage I thought was an impediment in scaling up my career. As a woman I was expected to look after the family needs before my own needs. I realised that I too had the right to use my talents for the benefit of the society. If everyone only took care of their own families alone then there would not be any change or development. I also realised that If I was happy I could make others happy. I am reminded of the quote-

‘Doosron ki jai se pehle khud ki jai karo’

– which means Before you respect others- respect yourself. That is exactly what I did and fortunately my family also supported me.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Being a south Indian Christian, married to a Gujarati family, it was a great challenge to get the acceptance of the family & get adjusted as I had decided to follow my own religion. I wanted to be a daughter to my In-laws. Before they left for the heavenly abode, they told me that I was their daughter and not a daughter-in law. This was my personal achievement. I will forever be grateful to them for the acceptance, love and care they showered on me and my kids.

My personal breakthrough has been that I am responsible for my own happiness and my success. I must also add that my interest in life and people led me to keep on learning and applying my learning for my own benefit and the world at large. I have made myself an asset to the Society.

My sincere gratitude to all the participants of my courses as they realised their dreams which is my mission.

The greatest achievement I had is the result of my decision to take up the counselling a girl suffering from cancer. It was a do or die situation. With great faith in God, myself and my client I proceeded towards 20 hrs of counselling therapy coupled with excerpts from the book ‘The Power of Sub-Conscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy.  After the 7th session, I get a message from her ‘Maam, this is my report. Finally I am free of cancer.’  My joy knew no bounds. She is a confident businesswoman now. I invest in people and the Lord guides me. My Success is a result of my Symbiotic Relationships.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I can’t imagine doing anything else except inspiring people to live every moment to the fullest and help them actualize their dreams. Though I would be doing it internationally through various activities & projects like setting up Management Me Institute of Excellence (A Centre For Life Skill Education for normal and differently abled kids), Traveling across the globe enthusing youth to take charge of their lives and use their potentialities to the fullest & achieve success. My Dreams are unlimited, so is my will.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Nick Vijuvich- The Limbless man without limits. Every time I fall, I remember his video and pick myself up & tell myself –Biji, you are allowed only 5 minutes crying time. Come on, wipe your tears & face your Fears. This has really helped me in facing the various challenges of life. Honestly every experience in my life has taught me lessons of life through the path of wisdom which helped me evolve as a human being.

One person who has left his mark on my life is Late Mr. Aiyaswamy- Ex- President of Vivek Education Society, the Trust which runs Vivek Vidyalaya. A great Leader and Visionary- he inspired me by his selfless devotion to the Institution, providing quality education to the children of Goregaon west.

What does the future hold for you?

My future holds a beautiful vision where I see myself taking my company on an international platform which has been featured in the Forbes magazine and possibly getting the best women entrepreneur award. Probably my company is awarded the best working place having the lowest attrition rate.

One of my dreams is to conduct an inspirational dialogue with thought leaders of all countries to promote world peace in an airplane which will be relayed live to the world- probably on the journey from India to Geneva before a world conference.

I rarely concentrate on the how because I see the final picture.



Biji Tushar | Managements me…Insights for a lifetime









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