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21/04/17: Annual inclusive leadership conference | I Inspire

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I Inspire will explore practical insights, make connections, analyze perspectives, explore new tools and examine the reality of Inclusion.

Time & Date: 21/04/17: 09:00-18:00

Location: Crowne Plaza, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Price: ₹ 4500

One Theme | 250+ Conference delegates | 30+ Speakers | 9 Awards | Inspiring Discussions | Networking

Calling all…
Corporate | HR Professionals | D&I Practitioners | CXOs | Policy Makers |Thought Leaders | Social Innovators | Women Professionals | NGOs | Entrepreneurs

Never before has the case for an inclusive environment corporate and entrepreneurship in India been stronger than it is now. BD Foundation understands this and presents to you “I Inspire 2017”, an annual inclusive leadership conference which brings together individuals who believe in the power of inclusion in the development of economy and society.
Each individual has a unique history – one that includes experiences, culture, faith, family, survival and education – and so each of us has a completely unique vantage point. These differing perspectives, if properly and fully tapped, can offer a tremendous competitive advantage to organizations. Inclusive organizations focus on attracting, developing, and advancing employees and minority populations by eliminating roadblocks and developing opportunities for growth. Inclusive leaders help create environments that embrace diversity, thrive on synergy, and produce exponentially high results.

Understanding that every individual is different and has infinite potential to tap into, we need develop a dialogue to examine the importance of these differences in the journey of inclusion…
the theme of 2017 is: INFINITE POTENTIAL



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