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Happy, exciting and fulfilling networking

Wow, 5,787 of you have read this.


What did you want 2013 to look like?

Was it change?

Was it wealth, health or love?

365 days just whizzed by

Did you gain, lose or stood still?
Did you build those relationships for the days ahead?

Focused on your profile and brand?

Hey good for you

Oh no, you forgot, too busy I suspect

Sorry, what’s that ….., you forgot in 2012 too

Oh well, there is always 2014
What will change if you don’t?

Will others make it happen for you – perhaps not

What is holding you back?

From an amazing experience

From meeting amazing people

From being so fulfilled
That’s right – that barrier and this one

Wasn’t that there a year ago too?

Dam that barrier

That’s it, dam that barrier, in fact go bloody bash it down

After all most of it is in the mind

Not in the mind, then leave; resign, find another job, love, contract …world
You’ve one crack at this (world, life, career)

You are so talented, so passionate, so skilled

Don’t worry if you haven’t got all your ducks in place

This is the year, your year, to get those ducks in formation

And do you know all it takes……

I blush with the simplicity of change really
List the change

List the barriers

List who….then

Breath, swallow, smile and stick out your hand



Repeat – you’re my hero

Happy, exciting and fulfilling networking

Author Bio

Heather White is CEO of Non Exec Hub. To find out more about this online community and unique resource, contact her at [email protected]

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