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India’s fresh fitness party DawnStepper debuts in Mumbai

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30 DawnStepper parties will be coming to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad!

Mumbai: Showcasing over 180 unique exercise forms over the course of 30 ‘fresh morning fitness parties’ across India, DawnStepper will rewrite the rules of well-being as the country’s first-ever large scale, organised morning workout movement that stitches ‘conscious’ and ‘social’ fitness together via a series of early morning indoor and outdoor parties, where an eclectic group of people gather to move the morning away to fitness, good health & joy.

Combining healthy food, fitness, workout fashion, music and health check-ups, DawnStepper aims to re-imagine healthy living by building a community of ‘fitness enthusiasts’ who like to party their way to good health without getting seduced to any conventional vice. This is an innovative concept as unconventional spaces such as resto-bars, hotels and malls are converted into community fitness venues.

Preaching morning workouts to be ‘breakfast for the fitness body, studies prove that morning workouts prime the body for an all-day fat burn and fire your metabolism. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Physiology* proves that exercising before breakfast helps dieters achieve better weight loss results via a greater percentage of fat burn for energy – a philosophy that DawnStepper abides by.


How it works?


 DawnStepper brings a very holistic approach to the table with each party combining an element of healthy eating, workout, rest and community building. Creating a vibe that is super contagious, each morning party will begin at 7.30 am and high on energy enthusiasm and fun – making DawnStepper attractive for active as well as passive fitness enthusiasts. DawnStepper seeks to create a community of people who are on the lookout for unconventional fitness regimens that can help them transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Embedded with a key element of mentoring and evolution that showcases multiple group exercise formats (ranging from the recognized to the yet unexplored), each Fresh Morning Party will help attendees train in 5 different fitness formats from the best trainers from across India. Participants are invited to shake off those extra calories through fun, upbeat and trendy routines at regimented intervals on a select Sunday Morning. Accompanied by fun fitness sequences ranging from Aqua Zumba, Bollyfit, Piloxing, Masala Bhangra to the lesser known Bokwa, HoolaHoop, DanceYoga, BellyFit and Tabata. DawnStepper also boasts of an impressive roster of inspiring fitness celebrities such as Sucheta Pal, Namrata Purohit, Riddhi Gupta, Shalini Bhargava and many more – who believe morning fitness parties are not a mere fad but more a movement that is here to stay.

The first DawnStepper Fresh Fitness Party begins this November 20th, 7.30 am onwards at Novotel Juhu in Mumbai. This phase of the movement will cover 5 parties across three cities namely Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The Mumbai debut showcase includes:DawnStepper

  • Pilates with Namrata Purohit
  • Zumba and Aqua Zumba with Sucheta Pal
  • Masala Bhangra with Shalini Bhargava
  • Bollywood mash-up with Riddhi Gupta

The All India Showcase plan for Leg 1 includes:

20th Nov – Mumbai @ Novotel Juhu

27th Nov- Bangalore @ Royal Orchid

4th Dec- Delhi @ Ssky Lounge

11th Dec- Mumbai: Trilogy (tentative)

18th Dec Bangalore: Royal Orchid hotel

Each party is priced at INR 150 / 300.




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