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Girl Geek Dinners

0 “Are you female, passionate about your abilities and have a depth of knowledge in your chosen subject area?  Would you count yourself as geeky and girly.  Well it’s time to get yourself down to London Girl Geek Dinners. These are events for women who enjoy interacting with like minded...
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City Women's Network, London (CWN)

0 CWN is one of the longest established networks for senior professional and business women in the United Kingdom. Since 1978, CWN has been arranging excellent events, fostering friendships among peers and providing mutual support and stimulation to members. Our network addresses the issues facing today’s highly-educated and experienced career...
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0 Tap into our support for women owned businesses or find your perfect career with an ‘Employer of Choice for Women’. Aurora exists so women-owned businesses succeed and women’s corporate careers flourish. Through our members, we identify emerging trends and issues and provide a critical voice to industry. We’re not shy...
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Women in the City

0 Set up in 2003 by Gwen Rhys, Women in the City has developed organically to become an organization that promotes, recognizes and rewards female talent. Its Woman of Achievement Award recognizes senior and partner level women who are actively supporting the progress of females in their organization and sector...
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Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF)

0 Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) provides a forum for women in the financial services industry to meet, share experiences and to develop themselves both personally and professionally. WIBF is solution orientated, offering advice to corporations and offering individuals the tools with which to fulfill individual potential in and...
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Women in Technology

0 Maggie Berry started Womenintechnology in 2005 and still continues to head up the Network.  Womenintechnology is a network aimed at women working in or who are interested in getting into technology.  Likewise, if you are a company looking to attract, recruit and retain more women into your technology teams,...
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European Professional Women's Network (EPWN)

0 The European Professional Women’s Network is a vibrant pan-European federation of city-based women’s networks. We are currently represented in over 20 cities and 14 countries. We have over 3500 members across Europe and our members represent over 90 nationalities. We are comprised of women across all levels and all...
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City Guinea – Botox

0 Botox® : – “is a medicine which can only be prescribed by a doctor or dentist. It is made from a purified type of neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.  It temporarily prevents the release of acetylcholine from sympathetic nerve terminals.” Medical explanations aside… if your idea of...
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City Guinea – Brazilian Hair Straightening

0 The Brazilian Hair Straightening treatment is a mild temporary chemical treatment enriched with Keratin that de-frizzes and straightens unruly hair. It has been around in the Americas for many years however it has also been subject to much controversy because it contains formaldehyde. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA)...
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City Guinea – Tummy Tuck

City Guinea - she's the angel that will try anything in the name of retaining her youth and figure. Is there no end she will go to defy the ageing/heading south process that eventually catches up with us all. So why we sit thinking about what we could do to eliminate our body bug bears or reading about others brave enough to actually do something about it, she is actually out there trying the latest treatments and baring her every experience for WATC readers.