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Inspirational Woman: Mishti Verma | Founder of Inner Katha Interventions

1 I am an experiential corporate trainer, theatre director and founder of Inner Katha Interventions. My company brings the magic of theatre and alternative experiential learning to the corporate stage. We do behavioural and soft skills training for women, students and organisations, and have conducted programs at leading multinationals pan India. I started theatre at the age of 16. I...
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Inspirational Woman: Preeti Monga | Director of Silver Linings Synergies & Silver Linings Trust

1 I am a motivational speaker, an aerobic instructor, a corporate trainer, a sales and marketing professional, a fitness and nutrition consultant, a trauma counsellor, a personal development consultant, an author, a public relations expert, a social activist and a successful business woman! Nothing deters me from living life ‘queen-size! From dreaming daring...
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