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Welcome to WATC India

0 We are pleased to announce the launch of WeAreTheCity India.  We are based in Mumbai and are here to offer you the most essential information for professional women in India.  Whether it is networking, events, places to eat (female friendly), discounts, inspiration and so much more.  We are here...
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Safety when travelling alone

0 There are some wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and exciting places to visit in the world. I could go on forever using adjectives to describe the sights we see. I once received an e-mail with some pictures on, which said, “If this is earth I wonder what heaven is like.” I...
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Why is it important to follow-up?

0 Without follow up then a meeting, interview or new contact is simply an empty hole. How often do you send a thank you note after attending an interview? Recent statistics show that not only do you need to make a good impression during the interview, you also need to...
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